Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Trieste and the Mistral


 "Trieste and the Mistral" together with a new airport, now that sounds good, at least for me!.

 photo SAM_2946_zpsn23gxaat.jpg

The routing:*

Service Alitalia AZ 1350 operated by Mistral Air I-ADLW
Scheduled:  06.50  //  07.55
Actual:  06.45// 07.45

This is a former Air Dolomiti machine, in the air since 22.04.2004 and nowadays with Mistral Air

Here are a couple of stories:

And some stats, too:
Leg no. 1187 at all and no. 41 on the AT72

Here we are with the latest visited airports and also a new entry:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics to clear the question how to reach Trieste after my arrival at Venice.
A nightly view to the city and later on the flight experience on the way from the "Aeroporto di Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia" to the "Aeroporto di Milano-Linate":

 photo SAM_2909_zpsxnw7kxxq.jpg

 photo SAM_2910_zpso4hwfgek.jpg

 photo SAM_2911_zpsor3yeefh.jpg

 photo SAM_2912_zpszlrh3anu.jpg

 photo SAM_2914_zpsp64b3iob.jpg

 photo SAM_2916_zpssaggj5tj.jpg

 photo SAM_2917_zpsrazgjygd.jpg

 photo SAM_2919_zpsraqwcfjg.jpg

 photo SAM_2921_zpstuxeqhuo.jpg

 photo SAM_2922_zpsefebhjcl.jpg

 photo SAM_2924_zpsplzdslnw.jpg

 photo SAM_2925_zpsg3fv8je1.jpg

 photo SAM_2929_zpsn1deqwd7.jpg

 photo SAM_2930_zps8xmsison.jpg

 photo SAM_2931_zpsbvnexajz.jpg

 photo SAM_2933_zpsxeww4jse.jpg

 photo SAM_2934_zpsplbxpieg.jpg

 photo SAM_2935_zpshshktqj4.jpg

 photo SAM_2937_zps5wfo3mpn.jpg

 photo SAM_2938_zpssluyxckz.jpg

 photo SAM_2939_zpsndaf3amd.jpg

 photo SAM_2940_zpskj5zbpjy.jpg

 photo SAM_2943_zpss0ohcalk.jpg

 photo SAM_2945_zpszks5lfnw.jpg

 photo SAM_2948_zps1qu1rhu8.jpg

 photo SAM_2949_zpsmfgsqskp.jpg

 photo SAM_2950_zpsrbgmsqrx.jpg

 photo SAM_2951_zpsnab84o35.jpg

 photo SAM_2952_zpsbuus5p0z.jpg

 photo SAM_2953_zpsv9dzpvkh.jpg

 photo SAM_2954_zpsnmyhhq85.jpg

 photo SAM_2955_zpsmzuwbur4.jpg

 photo SAM_2958_zpssroj7val.jpg

 photo SAM_2959_zpso2oju8ta.jpg

 photo SAM_2960_zpsxmuqgfny.jpg

More to come.
Arrivederci. The Tripreporter

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