Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Salsa, on the plane, sure?


 "Salsa, on the plane, sure?". At least that´s something to try!.

 photo SAM_2636_zpsfgmnu0zs.jpg

The routing:*

Service Niki HG 8252 operated by OE-IXF
Scheduled:  19.00  //  20.20
Actual:  19.00  //  20.15

This machine is airside since 15.03.2011 with Niki, Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter and nowadays with Helvetic

Here is a story:

And some stats, too:
Leg no. 1175 at all and no. 33 on the E90

Here we are with the actual visited airports:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from the city of Graz itself, a nice place to be, the Railjet ride for Vienna und finally the flight from the "Flughafen Wien-Schwechat" to the "Flughafen Zürich":

 photo SAM_2606_zpsrog5k9ip.jpg

 photo SAM_2610_zpsemtfhfab.jpg

 photo SAM_2611_zpsxnhlinjp.jpg

 photo SAM_2612_zpsr8n7s6rl.jpg

 photo SAM_2613_zpszmwe9jt6.jpg

 photo SAM_2614_zps3ku39con.jpg

 photo SAM_2615_zpsvn5x6kui.jpg

 photo SAM_2616_zpskllbs255.jpg

 photo SAM_2617_zps3vgywwds.jpg

 photo SAM_2618_zpspf8bfdko.jpg

 photo SAM_2619_zpszey4tgsl.jpg

 photo SAM_2622_zpsvl3zqag7.jpg

 photo SAM_2623_zps5wiyltcz.jpg

 photo SAM_2625_zpscldtndzd.jpg

 photo SAM_2626_zpszbh2kaqo.jpg

 photo SAM_2627_zpsxvrwibnu.jpg

 photo SAM_2628_zpsyu2uihos.jpg

 photo SAM_2629_zpslagiioqa.jpg

 photo SAM_2630_zpsxfselysn.jpg

 photo SAM_2632_zpss3wsvvcs.jpg

 photo SAM_2633_zpsr3jn9zln.jpg

 photo SAM_2635_zpsmwaju1z9.jpg

 photo SAM_2637_zpskqmvlxn3.jpg

 photo SAM_2638_zpsqizoq9vc.jpg

 photo SAM_2640_zpsvpxrlyhf.jpg

 photo SAM_2641_zpsh73advjc.jpg

 photo SAM_2643_zpstyad2lse.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter

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