Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

Sunny Swedish domestic on the Avroliner

God dag,

 "Sunny Swedish domestic on the Avroliner" and true, the sun is out, too!.

 photo SAM_3641_zpsocajj8mr.jpg

The routing:*

Service Malmö Aviation TF 319 operated by SE-DSV
Scheduled:  11.40  //  12.50
Actual:  11.35  //  12.40

This machine is airside since 01.10.1994 with SAM Colombia, BAE and finally Malmö Aviation

Here are some stories:

And some stats, too:
Leg no. 1217 at all and no. 25 on the RJ100

Here are the checked airlines:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from a superb sunny northern day again, leaving "Umea Flygplats" heading to the south for "Stockholm-Bromma flygplats". But wait, I should go for Umea first!:

 photo SAM_3619_zpsnfwd0bsb.jpg

 photo SAM_3621_zpsnqoqvjyb.jpg

 photo SAM_3622_zpspa68yfaa.jpg

 photo SAM_3623_zpsuiakgs4x.jpg

 photo SAM_3624_zps1j9lzrhe.jpg

 photo SAM_3625_zpskekdsm55.jpg

 photo SAM_3626_zpsz6y4xzoz.jpg

 photo SAM_3627_zpsd1c0jerm.jpg

 photo SAM_3629_zpsoxqholai.jpg

 photo SAM_3630_zpspyjkrvpk.jpg

 photo SAM_3631_zpsv4ksgx7i.jpg

 photo SAM_3632_zps8tspxjl3.jpg

 photo SAM_3633_zpsdv8jpa5z.jpg

 photo SAM_3634_zpsh82zvzrc.jpg

 photo SAM_3636_zpshadsmnx8.jpg

 photo SAM_3638_zpszrpmidos.jpg

 photo SAM_3640_zpsmyl85ane.jpg

 photo SAM_3642_zpsmvewbhvo.jpg

 photo SAM_3644_zpstwfk1kcz.jpg

 photo SAM_3645_zpsdidymwpe.jpg

 photo SAM_3646_zpswgyhlcuf.jpg

 photo SAM_3649_zpsg3tb8joh.jpg

 photo SAM_3650_zpsiovckwuv.jpg

 photo SAM_3652_zpsvftzuirx.jpg

 photo SAM_3653_zpsqeniaz9b.jpg

 photo SAM_3655_zpsctrtzose.jpg

 photo SAM_3656_zpstqptgwyg.jpg

 photo SAM_3657_zpsw1ssicvd.jpg

 photo SAM_3658_zpsngao2rwn.jpg

 photo SAM_3661_zpskxcvimyk.jpg

 photo SAM_3662_zpsqelerket.jpg

 photo SAM_3663_zpsafvogisw.jpg

 photo SAM_3665_zpsbzviig0d.jpg

 photo SAM_3666_zpsbjv4cocg.jpg

 photo SAM_3667_zpswxhdpe77.jpg

More to come.
Fram till dess. The Tripreporter

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