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Now I know what Inställd means

God dag,

 "Now I know what Inställd means" and I tell you more soon!.

 photo SAM_4038_zps4yjjlrgv.jpg

The routing:*

Service SAS SK 2679 operated by LN-RRJ
Scheduled:  17.25  //  19.00
Actual:  17.25  //  18.45

This is an original, delivered to SAS at 09.07.2009

There are no special stories to show

But some stats:
Leg no. 1228 at all and no. 88 on the B738

Here we see the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from a no go to Lulea, originally scheduled on Norwegian, but the cockpit guys and girls decided to take their only appropriate weapon to protest against the company´s outsourcing policy from the Norwegian country´s register, ok, lower wages and taxes and go on strike. Therefore it was the question what do to with the day and a flight out of Stockholm later in the afternoon.
Uppsala was the decision, easy to reach by train from the airport.
And sure, the flight experience from "Stockholm Arlanda flygplats" to
"Flughafen Tegel":

 photo SAM_3990_zpso7kepzb1.jpg

 photo SAM_3991_zpsbwhucc1t.jpg

 photo SAM_3992_zpsz5hc7zaw.jpg

 photo SAM_3994_zpsvhzrkovq.jpg

 photo SAM_3995_zpsf686bwc7.jpg

 photo SAM_3996_zpscqhpcstb.jpg

 photo SAM_3997_zpsjzmk7glp.jpg

 photo SAM_3998_zpsblqxug5n.jpg

 photo SAM_3999_zps2oha1ebb.jpg

 photo SAM_4001_zpsnth41b1m.jpg

 photo SAM_4002_zpsi9shkvo7.jpg

 photo SAM_4003_zpsu35tubqd.jpg

 photo SAM_4004_zpsd1ma0ghz.jpg

 photo SAM_4005_zpsansbdsmf.jpg

 photo SAM_4006_zpssuggrz7x.jpg

 photo SAM_4008_zpsillal8uv.jpg

 photo SAM_4009_zpskpmdtjbm.jpg

 photo SAM_4013_zpsoeojvbyf.jpg

 photo SAM_4014_zpsuwsmiule.jpg

 photo SAM_4016_zpsbbovxnvk.jpg

 photo SAM_4018_zpss3qtts2t.jpg

 photo SAM_4022_zpskwxbvkg6.jpg

 photo SAM_4023_zpsfnjbquqy.jpg

 photo SAM_4024_zpsu0gm9rzm.jpg

 photo SAM_4025_zpshy7z01cd.jpg

 photo SAM_4026_zps9ru3pbi6.jpg

 photo SAM_4027_zpshlgzr1kn.jpg

 photo SAM_4028_zpsk6axqtg6.jpg

 photo SAM_4031_zpsmricv0se.jpg

 photo SAM_4033_zpsyyjk8bre.jpg

 photo SAM_4035_zpsu8krytv4.jpg

 photo SAM_4036_zpsnq9o2yjw.jpg

 photo SAM_4037_zpsrhqk0sci.jpg

 photo SAM_4040_zpsauhcjusr.jpg

More to come.
Servus. The Tripreporter

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