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Southern side on the blue one


 "Southern side on the blue one", ok, when you are in Sweden most of the world is southern side!.

 photo SAM_3712_zpsf0ygb2iw.jpg

The routing:*

Service KLM KL 1160 operated by PH-BXH
Scheduled:  17.40  //  19.15
Actual:  17.30  //  18.55

This plane is airside since 15.08.2000 with Transavia and KLM

Here are some stories:

And some stats, too:
Leg no. 1219 at all and no. 86 on the 737-800

Here are the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics departing a very wet "Göteborg Landvetter Airport" with running engines to abbreviate the runway usage as far as possible, heading for the "Luchthaven Schiphol":

 photo SAM_3705_zpsd5hh3bit.jpg

 photo SAM_3706_zpsvendnv7x.jpg

 photo SAM_3708_zpsemtexyuq.jpg

 photo SAM_3709_zpswo6fgmt7.jpg

 photo SAM_3711_zpsqhcyhjld.jpg

 photo SAM_3713_zpsxlwqp668.jpg

 photo SAM_3714_zpslslhxgub.jpg

 photo SAM_3715_zpsau0wdcid.jpg

 photo SAM_3716_zpshhwnmytx.jpg

 photo SAM_3718_zpsizhnomut.jpg

 photo SAM_3719_zpsqfxnpqyr.jpg

 photo SAM_3724_zpswucuq27z.jpg

 photo SAM_3725_zpsbi5kninj.jpg

 photo SAM_3727_zpsdc45vzof.jpg

More to come.
Bye voor nu. The Tripreporter

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