Montag, 15. Februar 2016

The french capital on the A318


 "The french capital on the A318", that´s the way to go right now!.

 photo SAM_3438_zpsk4tfwutn.jpg

The routing:*

Service Air France AF 1115 operated by F-GUGO
Scheduled:  10.30  //  11.50
Actual:  10.25  //  11.30

This is an Air France original, airside since 27.11.2006

Nothing special is to show here

But the stats:
Leg no. 1211 at all and no. 24 on the A318

A view to the early 200 visited airports is here:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from the late morning ride out of the "Flughafen-Zürich" for the "Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle":

 photo SAM_3434_zpsura4b6g1.jpg

 photo SAM_3435_zpso2ij03nm.jpg

 photo SAM_3437_zpstzyclxzf.jpg

 photo SAM_3440_zpsuc6xwk3s.jpg

 photo SAM_3441_zpsk1jyu6yk.jpg

 photo SAM_3442_zpsb1kehssi.jpg

 photo SAM_3443_zpsny7m9wte.jpg

 photo SAM_3444_zpsrmibvtnk.jpg

 photo SAM_3447_zpse3nrroeo.jpg

 photo SAM_3448_zpsqqgw4opk.jpg

 photo SAM_3449_zps4xqgeiv7.jpg

 photo SAM_3452_zpsgazltr7n.jpg

 photo SAM_3453_zpsr2zf1p0n.jpg

 photo SAM_3454_zpsyfkusmva.jpg

 photo SAM_3455_zpsdodzy5kk.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter

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