Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Call me Easy on the way for the mountains


 "Call me Easy on the way for the mountains", sure, I try to do so!.

 photo SAM_3085_zpsznifokxb.jpg

The routing:*

Service EasyJet EZY 5117 operated by G-EZBO
Scheduled:  18.15  //  20.55
Actual:  18.15  //  20.40

Original it is with EasyJet since 04.04.2007

Here is a story:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1194 at all and no. 129 on the A319

A view to the visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from the late night on the way from "Gatwick Airport" to the "Flughafen Zürich":

 photo SAM_3086_zpszx4pgfeo.jpg

 photo SAM_3088_zpsqkn9lpkw.jpg

 photo SAM_3090_zpsdy0my4fz.jpg

 photo SAM_3091_zps5trodjip.jpg

 photo SAM_3092_zpsvgynlucp.jpg

 photo SAM_3094_zpsdpzjotyi.jpg

 photo SAM_3095_zpspvk7ro5a.jpg

More to come.
Servus. The Tripreporter

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