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Is there really an airport at Ikaria?

Geia sas,

"Is there really an airport at Ikaria?", that´s the thing to check right now!.

 photo SAM_4131_zpsrkojtwja.jpg

The routing:*

Service Sky Express GQ 71 operated by SX-SEH
Scheduled:   13.40  //  14.30
Actual:   13.35  //  14.20

This machine shows an interesting history, in the air since 14.06.1993 with Sun Air of Scandinavia, CityflyerExpress, Eastern Airways, Highland Airways and finally Sky Express

There are no special stories to notice

And the stats:
Leg no. 1232 at all and no. 2 on the J41

Here are the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from a sunny ride out of the "Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Λήμνου - Lemnos International Airport" for a new one and trust me, there is really an aerodromio, "Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Ικαρίας - Ikaria Island National Airport":

 photo SAM_4123_zpsycyjxhao.jpg

 photo SAM_4124_zpsbcaxfcao.jpg

 photo SAM_4125_zps1bfitkid.jpg

 photo SAM_4126_zpsyesan8nn.jpg

 photo SAM_4128_zpsvcw3cega.jpg

 photo SAM_4130_zpsfdhquo0z.jpg

 photo SAM_4132_zpssoexwvpp.jpg

 photo SAM_4133_zpsnsmdt1az.jpg

 photo SAM_4134_zpsabs4hfxa.jpg

 photo SAM_4135_zpsbtrvmwcl.jpg

 photo SAM_4137_zpspybcmpbw.jpg

 photo SAM_4138_zpsecsjdjin.jpg

 photo SAM_4139_zpsuaxvfxv9.jpg

 photo SAM_4140_zpsij6w5vcp.jpg

 photo SAM_4141_zpssn8fwxvi.jpg

 photo SAM_4142_zpsxhfqnnfo.jpg

 photo SAM_4143_zps0wmb78r1.jpg

 photo SAM_4145_zpsugogyuss.jpg

 photo SAM_4146_zps7i6lvbh1.jpg

 photo SAM_4147_zpselajtp6n.jpg

 photo SAM_4148_zpscwc9dchy.jpg

 photo SAM_4149_zps7pkcadki.jpg

 photo SAM_4150_zpsdykvdjya.jpg

More to come.
Mia kali imera. The Tripreporter

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