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Upper deck on the 747


 "Upper deck on the 747", well, if it´s necessary!.

 photo SAM_1922_zpsxmvmgm7j.jpg

The routing:*

Service Air France AF 4509 operated by Corsair F-HSEA
Scheduled:  15.30  //  17.05
Actual: 15.45  //  17.10

This is a former United Airlines machine, airside since 04.12.1992 and later on with Corsair

There are no special stories found

But the stats:
Leg no. 1151 at all and no. 11 on the 747-400.

Here we are with the latest visited airports, a new entry included:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Pictures please, at first from the newly visited "Aéroport d'Ajaccio-Napoléon-Bonaparte" and later on from the upper deck experience on this magnificient airliner on the way for the "Aéroport de Paris-Orly":

 photo SAM_1890_zpsldtm60zp.jpg

 photo SAM_1891_zpscsa2tozx.jpg

 photo SAM_1892_zpsjdbvld0e.jpg

 photo SAM_1895_zpslovmncic.jpg

 photo SAM_1896_zps32qsxbhi.jpg

 photo SAM_1898_zpsnglcenec.jpg

 photo SAM_1900_zpshry6odat.jpg

 photo SAM_1901_zpsn26ttued.jpg

 photo SAM_1902_zpsaeb4gbmb.jpg

 photo SAM_1904_zpsn2he8hyv.jpg

 photo SAM_1905_zpsgmze8gwg.jpg

 photo SAM_1906_zps1mhgevil.jpg

 photo SAM_1908_zpstxwbfkgb.jpg

 photo SAM_1909_zpsbrs24kse.jpg

 photo SAM_1914_zpsttbeqwge.jpg

 photo SAM_1917_zpsceakbarr.jpg

 photo SAM_1920_zpsaprw66t3.jpg

 photo SAM_1923_zps5ukrsnux.jpg

 photo SAM_1924_zpst2jlwtys.jpg

 photo SAM_1925_zpsopn6mltm.jpg

 photo SAM_1926_zpsoagdsegm.jpg

 photo SAM_1928_zpsy7ha8sci.jpg

 photo SAM_1929_zpsjq1vbcwf.jpg

 photo SAM_1930_zpsgldlr1oe.jpg

 photo SAM_1931_zpsgs2t1kyj.jpg

 photo SAM_1932_zps6cu6bccj.jpg

 photo SAM_1933_zpsy4sgps9u.jpg

 photo SAM_1934_zpsasiiywso.jpg

 photo SAM_1935_zpsy1fvbrvy.jpg

 photo SAM_1936_zpsge50fbor.jpg

 photo SAM_1937_zps1tisncsg.jpg

 photo SAM_1938_zpskg1ddlbu.jpg

 photo SAM_1939_zpsxh53sie2.jpg

 photo SAM_1941_zpsgvl1hi32.jpg

 photo SAM_1942_zpsp5qlstmb.jpg

 photo SAM_1944_zpsiu6hxu7v.jpg

 photo SAM_1946_zpsapxih9mt.jpg

 photo SAM_1947_zpscq4ne1zk.jpg

 photo SAM_1948_zpsaildnxvq.jpg

 photo SAM_1949_zpsuwmp7ncp.jpg

 photo SAM_1950_zpsltcjfmeo.jpg

 photo SAM_1951_zpsieuwe3mf.jpg

 photo SAM_1952_zpsagwdzxns.jpg

 photo SAM_1953_zpsrb2zrgbu.jpg

 photo SAM_1954_zpsdm8ql3dy.jpg

 photo SAM_1956_zpsi4axyrlt.jpg

 photo SAM_1957_zpsjak4bifv.jpg

 photo SAM_1958_zpsetqg68nd.jpg

 photo SAM_1959_zpsh3i8mwcc.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter

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