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Ajaccio and the Ile de Beaute


 "Ajaccio and the Ile de Beaute" that´s the theme for today´s trip.

 photo SAM_1854_zpsqlqujq4i.jpg

The routing:*

Service Easy Jet Switzerland EZS 1017 operated by HB-JZM
Scheduled: 06.20  //  07.45
Actual: 06.25  //  07.50

This plane was originally with Easy Jet from 13.01.2005, switched to Easy Jet Switzerland and is nowadays back with Easy Jet.

There are no special stories to see.

But the stats:
Leg no. 1150 at all and no. 121 on the A319.

Here we are with the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from a close to, if not, 100% filled up early morning service.
Followed by Ajaccio:

 photo SAM_1801_zpsh1obaw1k.jpg

 photo SAM_1804_zpsj50whohf.jpg

 photo SAM_1806_zpsexslmxqi.jpg

 photo SAM_1808_zpstzzff5ic.jpg

 photo SAM_1810_zpsfkrcukxu.jpg

 photo SAM_1811_zpsw0wv73s1.jpg

 photo SAM_1812_zps6pyhn5jl.jpg

 photo SAM_1813_zps25vxdspu.jpg

 photo SAM_1815_zpsbchkhnn4.jpg

 photo SAM_1816_zpsgpievgyc.jpg

 photo SAM_1818_zpse1jipqqm.jpg

 photo SAM_1820_zpss3zgfyey.jpg

 photo SAM_1821_zps71vm4ooo.jpg

 photo SAM_1823_zpszixfafv0.jpg

 photo SAM_1824_zps6laa6ke5.jpg

 photo SAM_1825_zpsimpqkuor.jpg

 photo SAM_1826_zpszn6xsxh3.jpg

 photo SAM_1827_zpssotbxijo.jpg

 photo SAM_1828_zpsw3hya9mm.jpg

 photo SAM_1830_zpsr9d7teos.jpg

 photo SAM_1831_zps2hhldex0.jpg

 photo SAM_1832_zpsbnnamnxz.jpg

 photo SAM_1833_zpsl281qwyr.jpg

 photo SAM_1834_zpsgbkkq2t0.jpg

 photo SAM_1835_zpszmpyzo7u.jpg

 photo SAM_1836_zpsu2tazoon.jpg

 photo SAM_1838_zpsmbqbmetn.jpg

 photo SAM_1839_zpsid7c4kwi.jpg

 photo SAM_1841_zpslwnp9ybh.jpg

 photo SAM_1842_zpsrx884hsu.jpg

 photo SAM_1844_zpsegfynlif.jpg

 photo SAM_1845_zpsdthueosc.jpg

 photo SAM_1846_zpst1m2p98a.jpg

 photo SAM_1849_zpswwjtzzdt.jpg

 photo SAM_1851_zpsbxucdh1q.jpg

 photo SAM_1852_zpsaac276ax.jpg

 photo SAM_1853_zpsysohzy0u.jpg

 photo SAM_1855_zpsazl6yn5u.jpg

 photo SAM_1856_zps5sa7hdr7.jpg

 photo SAM_1857_zpsviw8rlsq.jpg

 photo SAM_1858_zps9ulzir82.jpg

 photo SAM_1859_zpsc36fgpjx.jpg

 photo SAM_1860_zpsibjrqaks.jpg

 photo SAM_1861_zpsvhp9rbgg.jpg

 photo SAM_1862_zps8hmxvrbv.jpg

 photo SAM_1864_zpsujjz9813.jpg

 photo SAM_1866_zpsowqp7xzy.jpg

 photo SAM_1868_zpsiwtqxqm4.jpg

 photo SAM_1869_zpsspebzdgk.jpg

 photo SAM_1870_zpsb47nm2tv.jpg

 photo SAM_1871_zpsr5zgmtwe.jpg

 photo SAM_1872_zpsonsmzahy.jpg

 photo SAM_1873_zpsve0gdncj.jpg

 photo SAM_1874_zpshuw22dpp.jpg

 photo SAM_1875_zps4y718dwh.jpg

 photo SAM_1877_zpscws5sisk.jpg

 photo SAM_1878_zpscwabhibl.jpg

 photo SAM_1881_zpsrcex1qq6.jpg

 photo SAM_1882_zpsqiaj3frt.jpg

 photo SAM_1883_zpsqtntxxvt.jpg

 photo SAM_1884_zps9cpass6b.jpg

 photo SAM_1886_zpswc08alkw.jpg

 photo SAM_1888_zpszvpwefkc.jpg

 photo SAM_1889_zpsjmacwzgx.jpg

More to come.
Au revoir. The Tripreporter

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