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Glad to know Intersky in the log

Guten Tag,

 "Glad to know Intersky in the log" and even better when we know that the airline is nowadays out of business.

 photo SAM_2207_zpsmsez2kyv.jpg

The routing:*

Service Intersky 3L 362 operated by OE-LSB
Scheduled:  08.25  //  10.00
Actual:  08.25  //  10.00

We saw this machine airside from 02.02.1999 with Rheintalflug, Intersky, Canaryfly and Intersky again till the airline ceased operations and the plane is parked since

Here are some really interesting stories:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1158 at all and no. 9 on the Dash 8-300

A view to the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from a ride through the Intersky connecting the "Flughafen Zürich" with the "Flughafen Dresden":

 photo SAM_2186_zpsr32sxr7r.jpg

 photo SAM_2187_zpsy6phn2vt.jpg

 photo SAM_2189_zpskljknc0i.jpg

 photo SAM_2190_zpsiqery2hp.jpg

 photo SAM_2192_zpsaqtkujys.jpg

 photo SAM_2193_zpsaeu80jcd.jpg

 photo SAM_2194_zpsytsja6p2.jpg

 photo SAM_2195_zpswyocjoeb.jpg

 photo SAM_2197_zpsemrkkks7.jpg

 photo SAM_2199_zpsrvf8fuvr.jpg

 photo SAM_2200_zpslwtjoab6.jpg

 photo SAM_2201_zpszeqdkykp.jpg

 photo SAM_2204_zpswzr6ugqp.jpg

 photo SAM_2206_zpswrp6qa2r.jpg

 photo SAM_2209_zpsf62ghdkc.jpg

 photo SAM_2210_zpstqfbwsa2.jpg

 photo SAM_2211_zps64agebj0.jpg

 photo SAM_2214_zpsokifcrfv.jpg

 photo SAM_2215_zpsrm2sprrr.jpg

 photo SAM_2217_zpsupcaeq1j.jpg

 photo SAM_2218_zpsi9tvhfrx.jpg

 photo SAM_2219_zpscrpcwjyo.jpg

 photo SAM_2220_zpsi40yj4ty.jpg

 photo SAM_2221_zpsqnzd16nt.jpg

 photo SAM_2222_zpsk4frqdw4.jpg

 photo SAM_2224_zpsisouefz5.jpg

 photo SAM_2225_zpsahflcmcj.jpg

 photo SAM_2227_zpspygrjzxl.jpg

 photo SAM_2228_zpsrkvmt3ia.jpg

More to come.
Bis dann. The Tripreporter

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