Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016

Karup?. Where is Karup?


 "Karup?. Where is Karup?". That´s the question for now. I´am not sure if we find the right answer!.

 photo SAM_0736_zpsb5xsuogb.jpg

The routing:*

Service Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 3058 operated by Danish Air Transport OY-LHA
Scheduled: 10.00  //  10.50
Actual: 10.00  //  10.50

Call it an interesting history here. The first flight is noted at 16.12.1996 with Air UK, followed by KLM UK,
British Regional Airlines, ATR itself, Cimber Air, Cimber Sterling and finally Danish Air Transport.

No special stories are to show here.

And the stats:
Leg no. 1124 at all and no. 33 on the AT72.

Here are the first 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And the pictures from a nice flight with really nice cabin crew:

 photo SAM_0709_zpslyaqkdqh.jpg

 photo SAM_0711_zpstbrpxe2y.jpg

 photo SAM_0714_zpsi49smy8n.jpg

 photo SAM_0716_zpszbhpi238.jpg

 photo SAM_0718_zps7cvrhy10.jpg

 photo SAM_0719_zpsz2st2qul.jpg

 photo SAM_0721_zpsn2npr3tp.jpg

 photo SAM_0722_zps3jixbsrx.jpg

 photo SAM_0724_zpsbqarf70p.jpg

 photo SAM_0725_zpsosffy3wk.jpg

 photo SAM_0726_zpsduwwfg2z.jpg

 photo SAM_0727_zps3d7gmogs.jpg

 photo SAM_0729_zpsf2ciaoxn.jpg

 photo SAM_0733_zpso95od7uq.jpg

 photo SAM_0737_zpsdwd0i6if.jpg

Hard to believe but true, this is Karup!.
Bye for nu. The Tripreporter

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