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AIS Airlines, the J31 and just me!

Guten Tag,

 "AIS Airlines, the J31 and just me!".
Sounds special, but I was the one and only passenger on a positioning routing in northern Germany.

 photo FMO052014PIC 045_zpsgfykc9tk.jpg

The special routing:*

Service AIS Airlines IS 904 operated by PH-DCI
Scheduled: 16.10  // 16.35
Actual: 16.15  //  16.40

Call it an interesting history, delivered at 07.01.1991 to American Eagle, further to Aerocaribe and Tamir Airlines till it entered AIS Airlines.

Something from Sweden en detail with the plane involved:

And some stats also:
Leg no. 1108 at all and premiere on the J31.

Premiere means a view to the plane types recorded is necessary:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And this is also new at the checked airlines:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And new, too, with the visited airports:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Well, here are some pics.
Destination first, followed by the plane:

 photo FMO052014PIC 020_zpsj4tv9n3f.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 021_zpsofpth4kr.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 025_zpsmjipnasj.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 029_zpsnjrnpzls.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 032_zpsrh41bro7.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 035_zpsxw66blvz.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 037_zpsm9uhyych.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 043_zpsa1stud18.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 050_zpslusa48dm.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 051_zps1noizgn2.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 055_zpst6g898bk.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 062_zpspmgfmzxt.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 061_zpsdi53aopo.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 064_zpsh3tlkd8a.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 072_zpsfvcfacgs.jpg

 photo FMO052014PIC 079_zpsyj2v3civ.jpg

Bye now and Tschüss. The Tripreporter

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