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Going tech by Cimber Air


 "Going tech by Cimber Air". Well, that´s the thing for the last leg around the trip.

 photo SAM_0939_zps3eikyg75.jpg

The routing:*

Service SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK 667 operated by Cimber OY-RJL
Scheduled: 20.05  //  21.40
Actual: 21.10  //  22.25

This machine is delivered at 10.07.2002 to Air Nostrum and joined Cimber later.

There are no special stories.

But some stats:
Leg no. 1130 at all and no. 10 on the CRJ200.

Here we see the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And well, if you board a plane it means nothing. Sometimes you should walk along the apron for another one. That´s what I call self service, you know:

 photo SAM_0912_zpsf9udfhqe.jpg

 photo SAM_0913_zpsyawqgofj.jpg

 photo SAM_0914_zpst6ocu0wp.jpg

 photo SAM_0920_zpsw6wntqsg.jpg

 photo SAM_0923_zpsdjogjgfl.jpg

 photo SAM_0924_zpsv4l80rft.jpg

 photo SAM_0927_zpsw6einisu.jpg

 photo SAM_0928_zpsovh2o1fi.jpg

 photo SAM_0933_zpsznlykk7s.jpg

 photo SAM_0934_zpsgieujecf.jpg

 photo SAM_0936_zpsb6gcc45s.jpg

 photo SAM_0937_zpsdx2znmoc.jpg

 photo SAM_0940_zpsku1bbn7l.jpg

 photo SAM_0941_zps1eikaoxj.jpg

 photo SAM_0942_zpsxofskz4c.jpg

 photo SAM_0943_zpssp5n7nkv.jpg

 photo SAM_0945_zpsgnte73so.jpg

 photo SAM_0947_zpsvpnpzedl.jpg

 photo SAM_0949_zpspdym9w7o.jpg

 photo SAM_0950_zpsmvi9ixp0.jpg

 photo SAM_0951_zpsppad0ye3.jpg

More to come.
Bis bald. The Tripreporter

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