Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Flying in JAN2016 looks perfectly like this!

Flying in JAN2016 looks perfectly like this!:*

Legs total since 1988:  1358

Legs total in 2016:  12

Visited airports: Total 338

Airlines checked: Total 206

Plane types recorded: Total 96

Visited countries: Total 62

And upcoming, hopefully!:

1.) The brandnew T7 in biz, at least I really hope so!
2.) Five legs on single tickets, sounds like fun, isn´t it?
3.) Something new to collect in England
4.) Spring and sun in Athina
5.) And in Barcelona, too!
6.) The making of RTW eastbound!
7.) The sun is out in Palma, hopefully
8.) The unknown, independent island
9.) Domestic inaugural

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