Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

The nightshift back for Basle


 "The nightshift back for Basle" is the way to go to secure the trip well ontime or at least close to!.

 photo SAM_2093_zpsjsmin3ho.jpg

The routing:*

Service Easy Jet Switzerland 1006 operated by HB-JZZ
Scheduled: 21.30  //  22.40
Actual: 21.50  //  22.50

The plane is airside with Easy Jet and Easy Jet Switzerland since 02.03.2010

There are no special stories to show

And the stats:
Leg no. 1155 at all and no. 131 on the A320

Here we are with the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from Monaco and Monte Carlo, these nice southern city with the perfectly blue sky and also the sea is so superb blue there. Yes, do not forget the full flight from "Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur" back to "EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg":

 photo SAM_2086_zpsjmudlfbu.jpg

 photo SAM_2088_zpswdhjqmke.jpg

 photo SAM_2089_zpsdnma6er6.jpg

 photo SAM_2090_zpsoom3mz9q.jpg

 photo SAM_2091_zpsz6mkyltn.jpg

 photo SAM_2094_zpshxwph8yk.jpg

 photo SAM_2095_zps9zztj7gs.jpg

 photo SAM_2096_zpsrpkyrpwg.jpg

 photo SAM_2097_zpsij7hti72.jpg

 photo SAM_2098_zpsxb4cjqjb.jpg

 photo SAM_2099_zpssv1yilmk.jpg

 photo SAM_2100_zps3mn246ov.jpg

 photo SAM_2103_zpsdefqbm3n.jpg

 photo SAM_2104_zpsqpsfbvoq.jpg

 photo SAM_2105_zps1b9zp6dn.jpg

 photo SAM_2107_zpsnzet2ftg.jpg

 photo SAM_2108_zpsssc1lq4s.jpg

 photo SAM_2109_zpsiwvlamfh.jpg

 photo SAM_2110_zpsvdyok464.jpg

 photo SAM_2111_zpswtlmki6t.jpg

 photo SAM_2121_zps63wddykx.jpg

 photo SAM_2122_zpsw0lodvmb.jpg

 photo SAM_2123_zpswbycb8c3.jpg

 photo SAM_2124_zpsrk58pyrt.jpg

 photo SAM_2125_zpsjztx4yp1.jpg

 photo SAM_2126_zpsr6orn0e1.jpg

 photo SAM_2127_zpsf3neksj5.jpg

 photo SAM_2129_zpsblsemboz.jpg

 photo SAM_2130_zpsdgvrdagg.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter

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