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How to link Wales domestic?


 "How to link Wales domestic?". Well, there is one route possible, not always, but just from time to time!.

 photo SAM_2307_zpsquzvmcmw.jpg

The routing:*

Service Van Air Europe V9 939 operated by Links Air G-JIBO
Scheduled:  17.40  //  18.40
Actual:  17.40  //  18.30

The first flight with this machine is noted at 25.06.1986 and should I really show all the operators?.
Well, it seems so!. Eastern Metro Express, Chaparral Airlines, British Aerospace, Sun Air of Scandinavia, Blue Islands, Highland Airways, Diamond Air Charter, Links Air, Varsity Express, Blue Island Aviation, Manx 2 and Links Air again.

No special stories are to see.

But the stat´s:
Leg no. 1162 at all and no. 2 on the Jetstream 31

Here are the recently visited airports with VLY as a new entry:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And just some pics from this unique welsh domestic service during a superb sunny day.
"Maes Awyr Môn/Anglesey Airport" to "Maes Awyr Caerdydd/Cardiff Airport".
Believe me this is the welsh coast!:

 photo SAM_2295_zpsd8db0aft.jpg

 photo SAM_2298_zpsmlqvmvrx.jpg

 photo SAM_2299_zpsinlsxgbe.jpg

 photo SAM_2300_zpsb9t34y0s.jpg

 photo SAM_2302_zpsdskevg1w.jpg

 photo SAM_2304_zpso1ixks6l.jpg

 photo SAM_2306_zpskdavcc6y.jpg

 photo SAM_2309_zpssr7fwl1v.jpg

 photo SAM_2310_zpsm0bxs4eg.jpg

 photo SAM_2311_zpswjzowwi9.jpg

 photo SAM_2313_zps5isjjcks.jpg

 photo SAM_2314_zpszoinfwkx.jpg

 photo SAM_2315_zpsl7xs6pig.jpg

 photo SAM_2316_zpsfq6re2ci.jpg

 photo SAM_2318_zpslvljscol.jpg

 photo SAM_2323_zpsnj01kqzr.jpg

 photo SAM_2324_zps6iq9nuva.jpg

 photo SAM_2325_zpsbtiqkiuz.jpg

 photo SAM_2326_zpsealydmgc.jpg

 photo SAM_2327_zps5p0dngy5.jpg

 photo SAM_2328_zps0ypgzqwx.jpg

 photo SAM_2329_zpsgua0v4on.jpg

 photo SAM_2330_zpsxhxulcxv.jpg

 photo SAM_2332_zps1y9dwzkb.jpg

 photo SAM_2333_zpstwigy7qi.jpg

 photo SAM_2334_zpsnadxs1nh.jpg

 photo SAM_2336_zpsmoc0t3m8.jpg

 photo SAM_2337_zpsfghfrlj5.jpg

More to come.
Tan hynny. The Tripreporter

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