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Hello, dear readers,

there is just the final leg to go now:*

Good once again to have this great tool ready:

Monday, 02.09.2013

CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)

Service SK 667 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  20.20  //  21.55

Here is a view to the first 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And here are the further examples:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The actual visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And the Tripreporter 2013 data:

TRIPREPORTER 2013 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Just for one more viking!.
This is the second leg on the Orbitz confirmation,
the fare 55.00 Euro´s.
No extra security here again at the "Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup" or also "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup"
and straight for the gate A27.
No time to use a lounge here again
 photo UA1301229_zps240a546c.jpg
 photo UA1301230_zpsffa9ef48.jpg
Well, not the same viking again, good,
but when we know that OY-KFF "Karl Viking" is covered in my log twice on STR-CPH and WRO-CPH, well, ok!.
Leg no. 19 on type, the CRJ900, finally.
In the air with SK since 03.05.2009, another example of the 12 in the fleet.
Here are Karl´s stories:
 photo UA1301231_zps9ff35a4e.jpg
 photo UA1301232_zps6ddda153.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Scandinavia again.
The "Pilot" with a nice welcome on the ground.
Late catering and a couple of minutes to wait for.
No route or flightlevel info again.
Once more short prior to approach in a nice style and the latest weather details.
08.45 pm, 25 minutes late by "Scandinavian" and 1.15 hours for the homebase. Departure from the 3300 meters "Zero-Four-Right".
16 degrees and now the rain found also the way for the
"Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup" or also "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup".
Safety and the legroom at 16A, the exit window and two for me.
Superb, to say the least and the dark blue fabric seats are clean so far
 photo UA1301233_zpsce2b2eb5.jpg
 photo UA1301234_zps6b7cce22.jpg
Cabin crew is two elder and ok female FA´s.
The load is very close to 100%, as far as I see only the exit row is not taken beside me. Biz and VFR travellers well mixed
 photo UA1301235_zps86a54c5f.jpg
 photo UA1301236_zpsf622eda6.jpg
Service is coffee, tea, water for free.
The dark cabin and the special safety card
 photo UA1301237_zpse071d9e9.jpg
 photo UA1301238_zpsf889cb51.jpg
And me, dreaming about Antonov´s, Tupolev´s and nice..., no, final descent is announced, no more dreaming!.
Touchdown at "Two-Five", 09.50 pm, short ahead to schedule, 17 degrees and the sky is clear. Really?. Really, no joke, this is the "Flughafen Stuttgart", where the car is waiting, everything ok?. Yes!.

Not to miss the conclusions:

1.)UIA KBP-WAW: Comfy last row cruising on the Embraer.
2.)SAS WAW-CPH: More upgrade´s, please.
3.)SAS CPH-STR: A sleepy exit row service for the homebase.

Two nights only at the homebase till something more to fly.
But not all operating companies like something more to fly!.
This one does:

 photo GB1304005_zps16133050.jpg

До побачення,

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Hey, dear readers,

how to connect Warsaw and Stuttgart?.
Maybe this way!:*

Good to have this great tool ready once again:

Monday, 02.09.2013

WAW (Warsaw Chopin Airport Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie)
CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)

Service SK 2752 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  17.35  //  18.55

Here are the actual visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

This is the latest Tripreporter 2013 data:

TRIPREPORTER 2013 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And the visited airports map:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

With the previous 200 stations:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Immigration is also quick here.
OLCI works well from the hotel, seats are selected and where to catch the boarding pass?.
Well, there is anyway a security check to go, so out in the public for the biz desk and just a minute later I´am prepared to go again airside.
No one in front at the checks.
The following two legs are on one confirmation, managed by Orbitz this time.
And the fare for this leg is 55.00 Euro´s.
Also Dreamliners need sometimes special care!
 photo UA1301209_zpsacd2f301.jpg
 photo UA1301210_zps4b2545cc.jpg
No lounging here, less time and no apron views.
Gate 1 it is now and it looks like a well loaded flight.
True, confirmed by the beep at the gate!.
4A and an upgrade for me, ok so far and the aisle seat is also taken
 photo UA1301211_zps4c56ea7b.jpg
 photo UA1301212_zps2682df0b.jpg
Now we see OY-KFH, "Ella Viking", well done by SK with the individual names.
Leg no. 18 on the CRJ900 and new to the log.
Delivered at 18.07.2009, 12 planes are in the fleet.
And there is an interesting story to show:
 photo UA1301213_zps7d527011.jpg
 photo UA1301214_zpsab64169a.jpg
15 degrees and rainy apron boarding, well not my first preference
 photo UA1301215_zps3d587fd7.jpg
 photo UA1301216_zpsedf4662e.jpg
But what should we do?
 photo UA1301217_zps6615b247.jpg
 photo UA1301218_zpsa0d234e0.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Scandinavia.
The "Kaptajn" with a nice welcome during boarding, strong headwind is announced. He is once again to hear short ahead to CPH with the 5 minutes till to switch on the seatbelt sign info, the last chance to use the restroom, well done.
No route or flightlevel info.
5.55 pm, 20 minutes late, leaving the "Warsaw Chopin Airport" or also "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie" by "Scandinavian". 1.20 hours to go again from runway "Two-Nine".
Up where the blue is and a Scanoramic view!
 photo UA1301219_zps82d0d188.jpg
 photo UA1301220_zps8dcd8b04.jpg
Cabin crew is two elder women, both nice, but one with a   somewhat strong touch. She´s the boss, we know!.
The load is 100%. Lot´s of biz travellers on the way.
Service and the safety card.
Coffee and tea is served instantly along the flight
 photo UA1301221_zps7297934e.jpg
 photo UA1301222_zpsb9c6a601.jpg
Ok style legroom with the clean so far cabin and the blue fabric seats
 photo UA1301223_zps2b6de3ea.jpg
 photo UA1301224_zpsd6864904.jpg
Touchdown at the 3300 meters "Two-Two-Left". 17 cloudy degrees, at least no rain till now, 7.20 pm is finally 25 minutes late.
And also the clouds are low at the "Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup" or also "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup".
Bye now for the viking, ok, at least this viking!
 photo UA1301227_zps74846f7d.jpg
 photo UA1301228_zps7fb03d0d.jpg

One more leg to come, hopefully.
Bye now.

#UKRAINE #Kiew #UkraineInternational #E90

This story is dedicated to the two young women working the UIA cabin, so proud and enthusiastic

 photo UA1301185_zps33547396.jpg

The trip in one word:


"The city of Kiew itself and a closer view for "Міжнародний аеропорт Бориспіль" or also "Boryspil International Airport" is the theme around this story"

Добрий день, Good day, dear readers,

I´am in Kiew, Ukraine, three legs done yesterday inbound
and something more on set today like this:*

Good to have this great tool ready:

Well, every good things come to an end.
Really, yes I mean this short night dreaming about Antonov´s, Tupolev´s and nice wo...., ahem places!.
Back to reality, breakfast is ready right now at the Raziotel Kiev and there are some more things to do today
 photo UA1301122_zps750fae5e.jpg
 photo UA1301123_zpsd9dbe472.jpg
For example a swift walk to "Boryspilska" and a metro ride till "Zoloti Vorota" and the "Golden Gate"
 photo UA1301124_zps74209fb1.jpg
 photo UA1301125_zps1ae528ef.jpg
Not every parts of the city are refurbished
 photo UA1301126_zpsdbecf16b.jpg
 photo UA1301127_zpscfc7e207.jpg
But this one is
 photo UA1301128_zps787e3150.jpg
 photo UA1301129_zps0a7a1efa.jpg
The "St. Sophia Cathedral"
 photo UA1301130_zps4416b333.jpg
 photo UA1301131_zps2d3a99a0.jpg
That looks like really eastern to me
 photo UA1301132_zpsea2197a2.jpg
 photo UA1301133_zps223a104e.jpg
Not to talk about Russia!
 photo UA1301134_zpse8ac0c83.jpg
 photo UA1301135_zps655cc265.jpg
Further for the "St. Michael´s Golden-Domed Monastery"
 photo UA1301136_zps646042e6.jpg
 photo UA1301137_zpsd7c90236.jpg
Well, that fit´s
 photo UA1301138_zps06e49b43.jpg
 photo UA1301139_zps05a64fbb.jpg
A cable car?.  Yes, that´s definitely something for me!
 photo UA1301140_zpsc9dc0bba.jpg
 photo UA1301141_zps9668107a.jpg
Downwards it is
 photo UA1301142_zps001ac857.jpg
 photo UA1301143_zps040e6177.jpg
Take care, traffic on the way
 photo UA1301144_zps542776ab.jpg
 photo UA1301145_zps4b5201f5.jpg
And me, too
 photo UA1301146_zpsd6c946f0.jpg
 photo UA1301147_zpsa77e28fc.jpg
Are you sure?. This is not Russia?
 photo UA1301148_zps1853c8e7.jpg
 photo UA1301149_zpsf76c80ca.jpg
"Poshtova Ploscha" absorbing me down and spits me out again at the "Maidan"
 photo UA1301150_zpsbcf62c98.jpg
 photo UA1301151_zps574f9378.jpg
This looks like an abandoned coal combined heat and power station to me.
Ah, the RMT (Russian Mafia Transport) shuttle is ready!
 photo UA1301152_zps2bd2c01f.jpg
 photo UA1301153_zpsfaf85460.jpg
The "National Art Museum" and some official building, well guarded
 photo UA1301154_zps035fab4b.jpg
 photo UA1301155_zps312898b6.jpg
Top current stylish colours and equipment
 photo UA1301156_zps7a6d74cd.jpg
 photo UA1301157_zps193942d4.jpg
Yeah, the sun is out!
 photo UA1301158_zpsb091c8f4.jpg
 photo UA1301159_zps3e5e5b5b.jpg
The "Golden Gate" looks like also massive this way
 photo UA1301160_zps618062c8.jpg
 photo UA1301161_zps7f695e9c.jpg
And finally back for the "Zoloti Vorota" subway cathedral´s
 photo UA1301162_zps0af5c4d6.jpg
 photo UA1301163_zpsb1c18619.jpg
Crossing the "Dnjepr"
 photo UA1301164_zps11cb83df.jpg
 photo UA1301165_zps36bfdd58.jpg
This is not a small one, definitely, Europe´s third longest river
 photo UA1301166_zpsa99e664d.jpg
 photo UA1301167_zpsca1d693d.jpg
And finally back for the hotel
 photo UA1301168_zps2ef7fe20.jpg
 photo UA1301169_zps9eaae2fa.jpg
Definitely an recommendable place to stay
 photo UA1301170_zps195e12b3.jpg
The very same way back for the airport, free of charge. Another young guy and an Korean made car, what works also well.

Monday, 02.09.2013

KBP (Міжнародний аеропорт Бориспіль Boryspil International Airport)
WAW (Warsaw Chopin Airport Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie)

Service PS 801 operated by Ukraine International Airlines
Scheduled:  14.10  //  14.50

A warm welcome to KBP and no. 265 on the visited airports map:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The previous 200 stations:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Further with the actual visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

And the Tripreporter 2013 data:

TRIPREPORTER 2013 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Certainly a modern place it is
 photo UA1301171_zps549ef8b5.jpg
 photo UA1301172_zpsb6a2dd47.jpg
Large and spacious
 photo UA1301173_zps5fb3c263.jpg
 photo UA1301174_zps2a7ca140.jpg
OLCI works well this time, my seat is selected
and the nice young woman at the desk printed the paper.
Just by surprise, UIA is no Skyteam member, but there is a  cooperation with AF and also KL and both flights are credited on my Skyteam mileage account, well done.
This ticket is secured by, the fare is 110.00 Euro´s.
Close to no time to wait at passport and security check now.
Ok, not everything here is up to date!
 photo UA1301175_zps170cf67b.jpg
 photo UA1301176_zps07c2f7a4.jpg
Oh, yes, that´s the view I like!
 photo UA1301177_zpsba4b3a8f.jpg
 photo UA1301178_zpscb9dd6a0.jpg
The shiny gate area and the new one at the gate D01.
No lounge to use here for me
 photo UA1301179_zpsd37fdc33.jpg
 photo UA1301180_zps0219dac9.jpg
Well the Embraer is nice but the background is much nicer
 photo UA1301181_zps26351724.jpg
 photo UA1301182_zps7ab2874d.jpg
This is UR-EME, the Embraer 190 like on schedule.
A pretty new plane, less than two months in service since 03.07.2013 only and therefore easy to check, new to the log and leg no. 27 on type.
Well, what about a name?.
5 examples are in the fleet and there are no stories to show
 photo UA1301183_zpscdec5b7b.jpg
 photo UA1301184_zps3eac3f7e.jpg
UTair looks like also interesting and well flydubai, too
 photo UA1301185_zps33547396.jpg
 photo UA1301186_zps78c37799.jpg
Boarding now, 2.10 pm, perfectly ontime, 1.25 hours managed by "Ukraine International".
Leaving the "Міжнародний аеропорт Бориспіль" or also "Boryspil International Airport" from the 4000 meters "One-Eight-Left" with a partly cloudy sky and 19 degrees.
Cockpit crew is ukrainian, the "пілот" with a nice and detailed welcome on the ground in a really experienced but also enthusiastic style, well done.
He is once more to hear detailed inflight and also short prior to descent into WAW with the latest weather conditions.
No route details, but flightlevel is 34000 feet
 photo UA1301187_zps7866ba81.jpg
 photo UA1301188_zps02858530.jpg
On the way with a close to 100% load of VFR travellers
and the last row rule works well again today, 26A and two for me
 photo UA1301189_zpsd6747c85.jpg
 photo UA1301190_zpsf4f9f229.jpg
Cabin crew is one middle aged nice woman,
one asian style young woman, cute, really nice
and one young, well built ukrainian woman, long red hair freckles, ahem, really nice!.
We talked a bit along the flight and also later during disembarking. The middle aged woman has done a good number of flights on the Embraer, but both the younger women just finished training on type a couple of days ago
and they are really proud about this new plane.
Above the flatlands and for the thunderstorms
 photo UA1301191_zps645645b4.jpg
 photo UA1301192_zpsaae3f798.jpg
The modern style clean cabin and the good legroom
 photo UA1301195_zps5aa67a95.jpg
 photo UA1301196_zpsdc053f9b.jpg
Safety and blue grey leather seat details
 photo UA1301197_zps0100a42e.jpg
 photo UA1301198_zpsbe284dab.jpg
Up till the blue
 photo UA1301199_zps9d9cbc2e.jpg
 photo UA1301200_zps86c6c3e3.jpg
Service and the well loaded cabin
 photo UA1301201_zpsad50bf09.jpg
 photo UA1301203_zps55f04c37.jpg
Touchdown at the 2800 meters runway "Two-Nine".
2.30 pm, impressive 20 minutes ahead to schedule. 15 degrees, cloudy, rainy, wet not to talk more about it.
Welcome to "Warsaw Chopin Airport" or also
"Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie" with Enter Air and a couple of russian heli´s on the apron
 photo UA1301204_zps3318967a.jpg
 photo UA1301205_zps63f1dcb0.jpg
LOT, the golden edition and bye now for UIA
 photo UA1301206_zps98fc4ab8.jpg
 photo UA1301207_zps5985e41e.jpg

Bye for now, more to come soon, hopefully.