Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

Helvetic, nice and fast


"Helvetic, nice and fast" and that´s exactly the point to conclude the trip!.

 photo SAM_3400_zpsfsdkzhvw.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1353 operated by Helvetic Airways  HB-JVO

Scheduled:  19.50  //   21.50
Actual:  19.50  //  21.40

Since 09.06.2009 airside we are with Niki and Helvetic Airways

Nothing special is to show here

But definitely, the stats:
Leg no. 1568 at all and no. 58 on the Embraer 190

The visited countries are also here:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Just some time to spend at the "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie" and finally out for the "Flughafen Zürich".
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_3389_zpswshhrpuy.jpg

 photo SAM_3392_zpsgz9nqffy.jpg

 photo SAM_3393_zps9dqn9ma7.jpg

 photo SAM_3394_zpsrgiwqggz.jpg

 photo SAM_3395_zps1gkd5sf7.jpg

 photo SAM_3396_zpsjqsjdouk.jpg

The pilot was to hear with a nice and relaxed welcome. Time now to fix the last leg around the trip!.

More to come.
Bis bald.
The Tripreporter.

Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

A warm welcome to the classic

Dobry dzień,

"A warm welcome to the classic" and a very nice crew here on this machine.

 photo SAM_3367_zpssorb7kr6.jpg

The routing:*

Service LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze LO 3802 operated by SP-LLG

Scheduled:  15.00  //  15.50
Actual:  15.45  //  16.35

This machine shows us an real interesting history.
In the air since 19.06.1997 with LOT Polish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Centralwings, Dolphin Air, LOT Charters and is nowadays leased out to Nordica

And here is also something special:

The stats, for sure:
Leg no. 1567 at all and no. 17 on the Boeing 737-400

Here are the latest visited airports and there is also something new to show.
No. 376 and RZE, warm welcomed:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

A late departure out of the
"Port Lotniczy Rzeszów-Jasionka"
it is right now. Why?. Maybe there is something in connection with the scheduled plane type?.
Anyway, the "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie" is the place to go.
Here we see the pictures:

 photo SAM_3326_zpsi69ybn6b.jpg

 photo SAM_3327_zpse7n1egbc.jpg

 photo SAM_3328_zpsykkcth64.jpg

 photo SAM_3329_zpsjolxaa3y.jpg

 photo SAM_3330_zpsyrtag9d5.jpg

 photo SAM_3331_zpscp9ecqoj.jpg

 photo SAM_3332_zpsmxlicd12.jpg

 photo SAM_3333_zpsdg8m4qxg.jpg

 photo SAM_3334_zpso8q7ccfw.jpg

 photo SAM_3335_zpsdsghrnx5.jpg

 photo SAM_3336_zpsa8nvrqau.jpg

 photo SAM_3337_zpscc02k8rg.jpg

 photo SAM_3338_zpshnmryuds.jpg

 photo SAM_3339_zpsxqeldeif.jpg

 photo SAM_3340_zps9z1xxj5p.jpg

 photo SAM_3341_zpscfetazgh.jpg

 photo SAM_3342_zpsibwg4mvq.jpg

 photo SAM_3343_zpsrjimm6e2.jpg

 photo SAM_3344_zpsb5orgfb7.jpg

 photo SAM_3345_zpsnichh7n5.jpg

 photo SAM_3347_zps4agwmvdo.jpg

 photo SAM_3348_zpsteiwenqh.jpg

 photo SAM_3349_zpspdwjb9je.jpg

 photo SAM_3350_zpscmpd1z9o.jpg

 photo SAM_3351_zpsisznnppd.jpg

 photo SAM_3353_zpsxbvfauvq.jpg

 photo SAM_3354_zpstvvcfbaw.jpg

 photo SAM_3355_zpschfduq5p.jpg

 photo SAM_3357_zps0vvq7hd3.jpg

 photo SAM_3358_zpsynekqwla.jpg

 photo SAM_3360_zpspitguruq.jpg

 photo SAM_3361_zpswhjzfm2t.jpg

 photo SAM_3364_zpswh6knsyj.jpg

 photo SAM_3365_zpswlcipvga.jpg

 photo SAM_3366_zpsyzzo2rbd.jpg

 photo SAM_3368_zpskvi3efle.jpg

 photo SAM_3370_zpsblghf6pv.jpg

 photo SAM_3371_zpsfyt8olzx.jpg

 photo SAM_3372_zpswcnkmgjz.jpg

 photo SAM_3375_zpsisbcupv4.jpg

 photo SAM_3376_zpsbih3uqkb.jpg

 photo SAM_3377_zpsdmdhxbvo.jpg

 photo SAM_3378_zpsjuf2hbyt.jpg

 photo SAM_3379_zpsqvpho9xx.jpg

 photo SAM_3380_zps4sgld37i.jpg

 photo SAM_3381_zpstdjqsoma.jpg

 photo SAM_3382_zps59wfhurt.jpg

 photo SAM_3383_zps7ipwmbfj.jpg

 photo SAM_3384_zpstoysglhc.jpg

 photo SAM_3386_zpsfwzrecqk.jpg

 photo SAM_3387_zps8ly5mybl.jpg

Now that was a long, a really long time ago since the last ride on a classic Boeing 737-400, more than 400 flights in reality. So, lucky me to catch this type of plane here and really worth it to take the late afternoon service for my next destination!.

More to come.
Do tego czasu.
The Tripreporter.