Dienstag, 19. August 2014

The actual updates are out!


here we are once again with the latest updates.

Recently explored and coming up as soon as possible:

- The AnadoluJet till Sanliurfa

 photo TRJAN2014119_zps44895975.jpg

- Sunny Innsbruck

 photo AUSTRIAFEB2014083_zpse3a7522d.jpg

- Privilege Style for Lisbon

 photo LIS022014232_zps6265eb64.jpg

- Chambery on BACitiflyer

 photo FRANFEB14122_zpsf4552199.jpg

- Air Serbia and Athens

 photo GRFEB2014185_zpsbea57982.jpg

- SAS and the nordic lights

 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg

- The LAN for Espagna

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

- Where is Memmingen?

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

- Little and red and England!

 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg

- Flying something black in Denmark

 photo DANMARKMAR2014039_zpsf0f97365.jpg

- Smart on the way for Prague

 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg

- Take care, there is a Hex in the air!

 photo FRANAPRIL2014092_zps932393c9.jpg

- Monarch just for the special event

 photo ENGLANDAPRIL2014088_zps283e6a33.jpg

- Inaugural by Darwin/Etihad Regional

 photo GVA052014035_zpscd6a65e6.jpg

- German domestic Jetstreaming

 photo FMO052014PIC067_zpsa39f75d8.jpg

- A visit to the ILA Berlin

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014084_zpsd6c9e518.jpg

- And maybe a meeting in Amsterdam!

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014142_zps72904db9.jpg

- Sunny side up for England!

 photo LGWPICS052014006_zps7f02f06a.jpg

- How to connect Florence and Venice?

 photo SAM_0318_zps4434ba01.jpg

- Tupolev, whatever it means?

 photo SAM_0505_zps1ee141f3.jpg

- Karup on some Danish

 photo SAM_0755_zpsf2238fb3.jpg

- Jettime, sounds interesting!

 photo SAM_0890_zps646efefa.jpg

- Air Serbia for Dubrovnik, maybe?

 photo SAM_1015_zps023193e2.jpg

- Something from Berlin for Sylt

 photo SAM_1183_zps07be6859.jpg

- A no go by Livingston for Sardinia

 photo SAM_1299_zpsd20183d6.jpg

- Lübeck, the pink way

 photo SAM_1388_zpsebbfc215.jpg

- The Astra of Airlines to Kalamata

 photo SAM_1552_zpsf95b4656.jpg

- Volotea and Palermo

 photo SAM_1798_zpsc0501732.jpg

- The big, the really big bird for Corsica

 photo SAM_1922_zps44af0386.jpg

- How to deliver a present in style

 photo SAM_2062_zps295d3acc.jpg

On the to-do-list:

- Shopping and sun med style
- An A airline from CH to D
- There is a City with Wings in England
- Good to go for the capital

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Take care,

Dienstag, 12. August 2014

#SPAIN #KLMCityhopper #Embraer190

Bienvenido dear readers,

always these final legs. Today is no exception!:*

Thanx to as usual:

The vid:

Friday, 23.01.2014

AMS (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Luchthaven Schiphol) 
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)

Service KLM KL 1875 operated by KLM Cityhopper
Scheduled:  16.30  //  17.45

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The final Tripreporter 2013 data:

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And here is 2014:

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And lucky me, as scheduled,
"Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Luchthaven Schiphol" it is once again for the last leg of the trip. And this is also the second leg on the Opodo confirmation, the fare is 55.00 Euro´s.
OLCI works well also this time.
The lounge?. Joke!.
What about this one.
Strange, isn´t it?. With all these
hustle and bustle, I´am doing pictures, but well that´s Tripreporter´s way to calm down!
 photo EJAN2014147_zps38854bbd.jpg
 photo EJAN2014148_zps37af30c8.jpg
This is an old friend here,
PH-EZA, the one without an individual name, an Embraer 190.
Leg no. 30 on type and certainly nothing new to me, done on AMS-STR twice before
 photo EJAN2014149_zps41ecc054.jpg
 photo EJAN2014150_zpse66ef80d.jpg
In the air with KLC since 08.11.2008, the first delivery from the 28 in the fleet.
Here are some stories:
 photo EJAN2014151_zps4ea8e453.jpg
 photo EJAN2014152_zpsbd7cd818.jpg
Ok there is in most cases the one and last pax to board a plane, isn´t it?. And just by coincidence this is never ever me!
 photo EJAN2014153_zps2455867c.jpg
 photo EJAN2014154_zpsf5a6630d.jpg
Cabin crew is one elder female FA, ok and one younger, large, blonde, well built, no this is not a stereotype, woman, with a really nice touch.
Cockpit crew is from the Netherlands, the "Kapitein" with a nice and detailed welcome during taxi and in the very same style once again during approach. The routing is via FRA at 39000 feet.
4.30 pm, as usual in such cases, perfectly ontime, 1.00 hours to go from the 3400 meters "One-Eight-Left". "City", the classic callsign, leaving 7 wet degrees.
Just to see the clouds from above
 photo EJAN2014155_zps224d035c.jpg
 photo EJAN2014156_zpsf357e423.jpg
The cabin fitted with dark blue leather seats, ok legroom and clean so far.
The load is 90%, lots of biz travellers today.
26F, the last row window, two for me and while I´am working my best dutch knowledge a visit from the nice young FA from time to time!.
The safety card and WOW, another issue
 photo EJAN2014157_zpsf95841bb.jpg
 photo EJAN2014158_zps856e3393.jpg
Do you imagine how a well loaded plane of Gouda crumbles cheese biscuits smells?.
Well, if you don´t like cheese, it´s better to take the parachute now and leave this place immediatelly!
 photo EJAN2014159_zpsb052cdce.jpg
But lucky me, I like dutch Gouda cheese!.
STR welcomes me not that long thereafter at runway "Two-Five".
5.30 pm, 15 minutes ahead to schedule, 2 degrees and snow showers, shudder.
But well, no more shudders, disembarking takes ages, in fact all the other pax are gone and I´am still learning more words in dutch.
Well, nice staff here, especially these young wo...., ok nice staff here by KLC!.
But anyway these young woman from Swiss impressed me yesterday and she is just somewhat higher on my wish list, you know!.
The car is where it supposed to be and also the homebase welcomes me back not that long thereafter!.

Here are the conclusions:

1.)Swiftair OVD-MAD: Comfy and really nice crew as it should be.
2.)KLM MAD-AMS: Done, that counts.
3.)KLC AMS-STR: Supernice and talkative staff here.

And here is also a view for the upcoming story.
Well, Turkey maybe on Turkish airlines?.
Southeastern Anatolia as far as 10 kilometers from the Syrian border for a place where a lot of people have never heard of it, me included prior to the preparations, but it´s the fifth most important place in the islamic world and more than 800000 inhabitants call it home:

 photo TRJAN2014042_zpsaf15d9fb.jpg

Adiós por ahora, take care.
The Tripreporter.


Bienvenido, a warm welcome dear readers,

I´am in MAD and I should fly out here soon again!:*

Thanx to once more:

The vid:

Friday, 23.01.2014

MAD (Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas)
AMS (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Luchthaven Schiphol) 

Service KL 1702 operated by KLM
Scheduled:  13.10  //  15.50

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The Tripreporter 2013 final data:

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And here is 2014 till now:

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The groundfloor it is right now, up the stairs for connections and imagine how many pax decided to go really upstairs after leaving the bus?. You know, the one and only!.
This is an Opodo ticket, 4 legs on the confirmation, the fare with this leg is 55.00 Euro´s.
OLCI works perfectly via the KL website, 30 hours prior to departure. Looks like a full flight, an upgrade to biz is on offer at 199.00 Euro´s with just 3 biz seats open, declined.
And this time it´s me to safe money and energy.
Who needs a printout when the airport papers are much nicer, isn´t it?.
There is no transfer desk here at MAD, at least not for KL.
The gate for the earlier service is closed, but two women are still at work.
What about a try to do it here?.
Gate check-in is possible, sure, but only when the desk for the flight is open. Ok, but I´am in urgently need to visit the lounge?.
Is it possible without a boarding pass?.
Well, one of the two women decided to walk with me upstairs for the lounge and confirm that I´am good to go this way. Really nice service here and she also delivered the boarding pass later on to the lounge, more really nice service here, well done
 photo EJAN2014126_zpse6f8225f.jpg
 photo EJAN2014132_zps5359298c.jpg
 photo EJAN2014127_zps78816790.jpg
What about this one?
 photo EJAN2014128_zpsc02a65f6.jpg
 photo EJAN2014129_zpsfbe934d9.jpg
Over the plane, you know!
 photo EJAN2014130_zpsa3422a02.jpg
 photo EJAN2014131_zpsa455e558.jpg
Yes, I like these blue colours
 photo EJAN2014133_zps60ad82c9.jpg
 photo EJAN2014134_zps164705d3.jpg
Boarding this way from E69
for the "Goose", PH-BXH is an 737-800.
Leg no. 76 on type and new to the log, lucky me!.
In the air since 15.08.2000 and switched several times between KLM and Transavia.
24 examples are in the fleet.
Here are two stories:
 photo EJAN2014135_zpsa0114a48.jpg
 photo EJAN2014136_zps329accbc.jpg
Cockpit crew is from the Netherlands, the "Piloot" with a nice welcome at the planes door during boarding and on the mike during taxi. He is once again to hear during the approach.
The routing is BIQ-BOD-PAR, no flightlevel info to notice.
Cabin crew is two male FA´s, both elder and nice
and two women, both elder and nice, too.
1.05 pm it is, short ahead to schedule and time now to leave the "Adolfo Suárez
Madrid–Barajas Airport
Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas" again. 2.20 hours to fly by "KLM" from the 3500 meters runway "Three-Six-Right" at 12 partly cloudy degrees.
Snow in Spain?.
Ok, at least snowy peaks!
 photo EJAN2014137_zps716b8cfb.jpg
 photo EJAN2014138_zps5fc68ed9.jpg
The load is 90% with me in 31A, the last row window. The aisle is taken and the middle seat is open.
Legroom is somewhat low here with the mixed blue red, clean so far fabric seats and just some seat details
 photo EJAN2014139_zpsb8b119f3.jpg
 photo EJAN2014140_zps037751a1.jpg
WOW, the issue
 photo EJAN2014143_zpsd803d85a.jpg
 photo EJAN2014141_zps379198dc.jpg
Safety, sure, on the way
 photo EJAN2014142_zps854608cc.jpg
 photo EJAN2014144_zpsec2e90d4.jpg
Good idea here by KL together with free drinks
 photo EJAN2014145_zpsdf11ac0b.jpg
 photo EJAN2014146_zpsd959c03d.jpg
Well, is this a good sign when you are on a short connection?. We are running not that really, but just a little late and go to touchdown at "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Luchthaven Schiphol´s" 3800 meters Polderbaan "One-Eight-Right" at 3.45 pm with 7 wet degrees and now a lengthy taxi to follow. Well, it seems it´s not a really good sign after this information from the flightdeck when the purser approached you´re seat with these I´am so sorry sign on his forehead:
"Sir, it´s impossible to catch you´re connecting flight".
"I will try it".
"Do you have checked luggage".
"No, as usually not".
"Ok, you can try it, if you like, let me check the gate, B36 it is for STR".
All the seats upfront are also taken, so there is no way to change.
And perfectly fitting in this case B36 ist the outhermost gate with the B´s and perfectly fitting again you see the plane with the lighter at the fuse to fire up the engines better sooner than later.
And well, as far as I like comfortable and relaxed last row seating it feels not like the best decision today.
A fully loaded 738 and a gate position, you know, that needs ages till all these frequent once a year travellers leave the plane.
And no, no I don´t run through an airport in best STN FR style.
But powerwalking is allowed from arrival at the gates till departure at the gates it seems I´am flying like a KL plane, too!.
Boarding is well on the way when I´am at the gate and it seems there is a really good chance that I´am the last one, but only for today!.
But wait, my boarding pass produced a red sign?.
And a literally look on the face of the anyway nice female gate agent, too.
"Sir, you´re offloaded with the impossible connection?".
"But well, I´am here and there is no checked luggage to handle".
Ok, she´s checking her screen and swiftly produced a new paper with my original seat, well done KL!.

One more leg to go right now.
The Tripreporter