Montag, 23. September 2019

It feels much better at the aisle seat


"It feels much better at the aisle seat". With two for me at least temperature wise!.

 photo SAM_9201_zpsqhtqcyas.jpg

The routing:*

Service LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze LO 419 operated by SP-LNH

Scheduled:    17.00  //  19.05
Actual:    17.05  //  18.50

Actice we are since 12.12.2008 with Azul Linhas Aereas and LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze

Another one without anything special to notice

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1771 at all and no. 16 on the Embraer 195

And the "Airlines Checked" are here, counting till 238:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Time now to leave Poland and the
"Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie".
For the "Flughafen Zuerich".
With the pictures:

 photo SAM_9195_zpsmurrd5jt.jpg

 photo SAM_9196_zpskz2nxl3a.jpg

 photo SAM_9197_zpsfrzxb4gg.jpg

 photo SAM_9200_zpstuy04zed.jpg

 photo SAM_9203_zpspujxuttf.jpg

 photo SAM_9205_zpswcnvfvoq.jpg

 photo SAM_9206_zps9ovekr7w.jpg

 photo SAM_9207_zpsbx4uml9l.jpg

 photo SAM_9208_zpsl10mpg1j.jpg

 photo SAM_9209_zpsbqsvjjnm.jpg

 photo SAM_9210_zpst6kmujnr.jpg

 photo SAM_9211_zpsdlxmxxjs.jpg

Back where this trip starts. Exactly ontime like on schedule. No complaints this way about LOT!.

More to come.
Bis bald!.
The Tripreporter

Sonntag, 22. September 2019

It´s far to cold on this plane


"It´s far to cold on this plane". And also the aisle seat is much better than the window!.

 photo SAM_9170_zpsvzmljuvu.jpg

The routing:*

Service LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze LO 754 operated by SP-LNL

Scheduled:    18.00  //  18.35
Actual:    18.00  //  18.35

This plane is airside since 02.10.2010 with Azul Linhas Aereas and LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze

Nothing special is to  notice here

And the stats:
Leg no. 1770 at all and no. 15 on the Embraer 195

The "Visited Countries" map is up-to-date and counts 73:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Enough, but not that long this time at the "Міжнародний Aеропорт Бориспіль
Boryspil International Airport".
For the "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie".
And the pictures:

 photo SAM_9166_zps7ofydirj.jpg

 photo SAM_9167_zpsa4scdl3g.jpg

 photo SAM_9168_zpsp7dfkxsp.jpg

 photo SAM_9171_zpsr0bxm5qk.jpg

 photo SAM_9173_zpsq1czobj3.jpg

 photo SAM_9174_zps6w7p3dek.jpg

 photo SAM_9176_zpsakk0yfcy.jpg

 photo SAM_9177_zpsdj55l2qf.jpg

 photo SAM_9178_zpsbs1t4nzr.jpg

 photo SAM_9181_zpsotgzvhl4.jpg

 photo SAM_9182_zps7cbajiqb.jpg

 photo SAM_9183_zpsfhlsd3g3.jpg

 photo SAM_9184_zps35tywyfd.jpg

 photo SAM_9185_zpsfiqwbydg.jpg

 photo SAM_9186_zpsoyxvivsi.jpg

 photo SAM_9187_zpsgbsmagjc.jpg

 photo SAM_9188_zpsbig4xfyc.jpg

 photo SAM_9189_zpse695rkkq.jpg

 photo SAM_9191_zpsgswx7lye.jpg

 photo SAM_9192_zps1wtf1rex.jpg

 photo SAM_9193_zpsiamcxavy.jpg

Two for me and that means I`am able to change between aisle and window seats. And this is defnitely necessary here!.

More to come.
Na razie!.
The Tripreporter

Samstag, 21. September 2019

A warm welcome by Windrose


"A warm welcome by Windrose". Definitely a special name for an Ukrainian airline!.

 photo SAM_9124_zpspdsz9kn2.jpg

The routing:*

Service Ukraine International Airlines PS 80 operated by Windrose Aviation UR-DNT

Scheduled:    12.25  //  13.55
Actual:    12.15  //  13.25

An interesting history it is here since 08.05.2003. Alitalia Express, Dniproavia, City Airline and Windrose Aviation

And there is also something special to see:

Certainly, the stats:
Leg no. 1769 at all and no. 15 on the Embraaer 145

Here are the latest "Visited Airports" with IFO as the new entry and no. 411:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Not much to see and do at the
"Міжнародний аеропорт Івано-Франківськ
International Airport" with it´s strange Soviet feeling.
Out for the "Міжнародний Aеропорт Бориспіль
Boryspil International Airport".
Sure, the pictures:

 photo SAM_9105_zpskoae6d11.jpg

 photo SAM_9106_zpsl1sjclfp.jpg

 photo SAM_9107_zps24eiaclo.jpg

 photo SAM_9108_zps1gre2xkf.jpg

 photo SAM_9109_zpsk7njzaeg.jpg

 photo SAM_9110_zpsdiamxwct.jpg

 photo SAM_9111_zpsur5ku8ck.jpg

 photo SAM_9112_zps7b5td5dq.jpg

 photo SAM_9113_zpsg4oe0nlf.jpg

 photo SAM_9114_zpsuxszsfrz.jpg

 photo SAM_9115_zpsd2degccz.jpg

 photo SAM_9116_zpsd9edv0bw.jpg

 photo SAM_9117_zpscbapsod8.jpg

 photo SAM_9119_zpsdlick5e3.jpg

 photo SAM_9120_zpsvcsgxi1c.jpg

 photo SAM_9121_zpsvzy1kyiq.jpg

 photo SAM_9122_zpstixasrj8.jpg

 photo SAM_9126_zps0k9yzhj5.jpg

 photo SAM_9127_zpseat2apij.jpg

 photo SAM_9128_zpspo7eb2tx.jpg

 photo SAM_9129_zpsxh61nkhi.jpg

 photo SAM_9131_zpspnawyaxs.jpg

 photo SAM_9132_zpsjpa2nusy.jpg

 photo SAM_9133_zpswldtmswt.jpg

 photo SAM_9135_zpsiux3rly1.jpg

 photo SAM_9136_zpsvmuf2jsi.jpg

 photo SAM_9139_zpsgz7n8qsb.jpg

 photo SAM_9140_zps3s48xrpc.jpg

 photo SAM_9143_zpskpuqy7al.jpg

 photo SAM_9144_zpswbdzjdol.jpg

 photo SAM_9147_zpsc0sesnmk.jpg

 photo SAM_9148_zpsgg8dr6nq.jpg

 photo SAM_9149_zpsicf3o21f.jpg

 photo SAM_9150_zps7ccsrvud.jpg

 photo SAM_9151_zpsjyigw8i1.jpg

 photo SAM_9152_zpsnjcdyeeg.jpg

 photo SAM_9153_zpsaklzlr3n.jpg

 photo SAM_9154_zps3b9fqthb.jpg

 photo SAM_9155_zps6rhopo9y.jpg

 photo SAM_9156_zpsogrc2e4p.jpg

 photo SAM_9157_zps034v7zkp.jpg

 photo SAM_9159_zpsruz9w7cx.jpg

 photo SAM_9160_zpsfnhutmyu.jpg

 photo SAM_9161_zpsa1hi5tzl.jpg

 photo SAM_9162_zpsq9advgg7.jpg

 photo SAM_9163_zpsokuvsrnx.jpg

 photo SAM_9164_zpsxaia6wdm.jpg

 photo SAM_9165_zpsrcifut1x.jpg

The small Embraer shows it´s age clearly. Stored for close to three years after the Alitalia Express operations. Wait Alitalia Express?.
Strange, really strange, that might be some 15 years ago when I was on this very same plane on a ride for Milano-Malpensa. Time is gone swift!.

More to come.
The Tripreporter