Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Updates, please!


here we are once again with the latest updates.

Recently explored and coming up as soon as possible:

- Air Serbia and Athens

 photo GRFEB2014185_zpsbea57982.jpg

- SAS and the nordic lights

 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg

- The LAN for Espagna

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

- Where is Memmingen?

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

- Little and red and England!

 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg

- Flying something black in Denmark

 photo DANMARKMAR2014039_zpsf0f97365.jpg

- Smart on the way for Prague

 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg

- Take care, there is a Hex in the air!

 photo FRANAPRIL2014092_zps932393c9.jpg

- Monarch just for the special event

 photo ENGLANDAPRIL2014088_zps283e6a33.jpg

- Inaugural by Darwin/Etihad Regional

 photo GVA052014035_zpscd6a65e6.jpg

- German domestic Jetstreaming

 photo FMO052014PIC067_zpsa39f75d8.jpg

- A visit to the ILA Berlin

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014084_zpsd6c9e518.jpg

- And maybe a meeting in Amsterdam!

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014142_zps72904db9.jpg

- Sunny side up for England!

 photo LGWPICS052014006_zps7f02f06a.jpg

- How to connect Florence and Venice?

 photo SAM_0318_zps4434ba01.jpg

- Tupolev, whatever it means?

 photo SAM_0505_zps1ee141f3.jpg

- Karup on some Danish

 photo SAM_0755_zpsf2238fb3.jpg

- Jettime, sounds interesting!

 photo SAM_0890_zps646efefa.jpg

- Air Serbia for Dubrovnik, maybe?

 photo SAM_1015_zps023193e2.jpg

- Something from Berlin for Sylt

 photo SAM_1183_zps07be6859.jpg

- A no go by Livingston for Sardinia

 photo SAM_1299_zpsd20183d6.jpg

- Lübeck, the pink way

 photo SAM_1388_zpsebbfc215.jpg

- The Astra of Airlines to Kalamata

 photo SAM_1552_zpsf95b4656.jpg

- Volotea and Palermo

 photo SAM_1798_zpsc0501732.jpg

- The big, the really big bird for Corsica

 photo SAM_1922_zps44af0386.jpg

- How to deliver a present in style

 photo SAM_2062_zps295d3acc.jpg

- Shopping and sun med style

 photo SAM_2134_zps5ec1efd9.jpg

- An A airline from CH to D

 photo SAM_2192_zpsc8667df1.jpg

- There is a City with Wings in England

 photo SAM_2318_zpsd7c72667.jpg

- Good to go for the capital or not?

 photo SAM_2454_zps0910b1e4.jpg

- P., the city of L.!

 photo SAM_2493_zps42f98e46.jpg

- London airport connections

 photo SAM_2541_zpsa4851e62.jpg

- Touring Austria by plane and train

 photo SAM_2600_zps22eea526.jpg

- How to fly like Poste Italiane!

 photo SAM_2680_zpsbb6854ac.jpg

- Give me a Van, please!

 photo SAM_2854_zpsab530e9f.jpg

- Just something for the Avro collection!

 photo SAM_2966_zps3a22410a.jpg

On the to-do-list:

- December DUS style
- Garuda?. Sure!
- A dutch winter scenery
- Precious english stuff in MAN
- Dublin for the choc stop!
- Something a la francaise for the snow collection

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