Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019

Slot delay along the day


"Slot delay along the day". It starts with the first leg to Greece and continues this way!.

 photo SAM_8547_zpssrvjq2db.jpg

The routing:*

Service EasyJetEurope EJU 5599 operated by OE-IJR

Scheduled:  19.00  //  20.20
Actual:  19.25  //  20.40

Active we are since 14.07.2009 with EasyJet and EasyJetEurope

One more without anything special to notice

But certainly, the stats:
Leg no. 1746 at all and no. 235 on the Airbus A320

Here are the latest "Visited Airports":

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the
"Flughafen Berlin Tegel Otto Lilienthal"
it is  now. With a delay, sure nothing out of the ordinary these days.
In direction "Flughafen Stuttgart Manfred Rommel" on a well booked service, also certainly nothing new here on this airline.
Sure, with a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_8548_zps5ixbgtxs.jpg

 photo SAM_8549_zpskknhs21z.jpg

 photo SAM_8555_zpstenb3ben.jpg

 photo SAM_8557_zpsvt7lrcn8.jpg

 photo SAM_8558_zpstldiq9cj.jpg

 photo SAM_8560_zpsympsfohx.jpg

 photo SAM_8562_zpsvx2cmft6.jpg

 photo SAM_8563_zpswa6qoloc.jpg

 photo SAM_8564_zpsfrzpafmo.jpg

 photo SAM_8565_zpsc7sibkt6.jpg

 photo SAM_8566_zpswlqjz3kb.jpg

Well, I really support especially one of the hotels activities:
A beehive on the attic to produce the locations own honey!.
Back at the departure point just a little late. And this is definitely the standard these days!.

More to come.
Bis dann!.
The Tripreporter

Samstag, 29. Juni 2019

Seat changes due to weight and balance


"Seat changes due to weight and balance". Important it is, definitely!.

 photo SAM_8541_zpsyos1fjf9.jpg

The routing:*

Service EasyJetEurope EJU 5594 operated by OE-IVA "Austria"

Scheduled:  12.10  //  13.30
Actual:  12.10  //  13.25

This machine is airside since 05.02.2016 with EasyJet and EasyJetEurope

There are no special stories visible

But for sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1745 at all and no. 234 on the Airbus A320

Well, nothing new this time, but anyway the early 200 "Visited Airports":

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Flughafen Stuttgart Manfred Rommel" in the late morning for the biz and the
"Flughafen Berlin Tegel Otto Lilienthal".
Here are the pictures:
 photo SAM_8554_zpsm7bhtboi.jpg

 photo SAM_8531_zps7frjb6wj.jpg

 photo SAM_8532_zpscps726dv.jpg

 photo SAM_8533_zpsdkzq6fza.jpg

 photo SAM_8534_zpsx73rsekg.jpg

 photo SAM_8535_zpstzhcefuo.jpg

 photo SAM_8536_zpsd5cqg4gg.jpg

 photo SAM_8539_zpsbyrhwr0f.jpg

 photo SAM_8543_zpscbfyda1s.jpg

 photo SAM_8546_zpssxkwmgno.jpg

 photo SAM_8545_zpscxebl6dd.jpg

Absolutely ontime, needless to say, people all around at departures and arrivals. That´s exactly the point these days!.

More to come.
Bis dann!.
The Tripreporter

Samstag, 22. Juni 2019

Delivered just two days ago


"Delivered just two days ago". Ok, second-hand!.

 photo SAM_8498_zpshkcfyryc.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1423 operated by HB-JVV 

Scheduled:  14.35  //  16.40
Actual:  15.05  //   17.00

Active we are since 30.03.2007 with Air Canada and since early June with Helvetic

Nothing special is to report here

But definitely, the stats:
Leg no. 1744 at all and no. 67 on the Embraer 190

Pretty good now to see this place as no. 406
on the latest "Visited airports" map.
INI it is:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Action is limited at the
"Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki Niš".
In fact, my flight was the only departure on the whole remaining day.
A new route we see for the "Flughafen Zuerich" the nonstop way.
And now the pictures:

 photo SAM_8485_zpspqruangl.jpg

 photo SAM_8486_zpswxll9thf.jpg

 photo SAM_8487_zpszjye5gjr.jpg

 photo SAM_8488_zpsgapwbdwv.jpg

 photo SAM_8489_zpsu1tb55y7.jpg

 photo SAM_8490_zpskqqjm13r.jpg

 photo SAM_8491_zpsfirjkurx.jpg

 photo SAM_8492_zpslckxbpsc.jpg

 photo SAM_8496_zpsnwagzzfr.jpg

 photo SAM_8500_zpstksnowtu.jpg

 photo SAM_8499_zpsjdhfxm6o.jpg

 photo SAM_8501_zps8qlycs89.jpg

 photo SAM_8502_zpsqxgfnsfd.jpg

 photo SAM_8503_zpslv2hbhy7.jpg

 photo SAM_8505_zps4kn6s73p.jpg

 photo SAM_8506_zpsfl3xxhvj.jpg

 photo SAM_8508_zpsrmnsxcdb.jpg

 photo SAM_8509_zpsulcl0wya.jpg

 photo SAM_8510_zpsfjgco3ky.jpg

 photo SAM_8511_zps29ibh9wy.jpg

 photo SAM_8513_zpslc0c95ju.jpg

 photo SAM_8516_zpslqoirdlz.jpg

 photo SAM_8518_zps8hjcz7wv.jpg

 photo SAM_8519_zpssmgnkfxk.jpg

 photo SAM_8520_zpsfhxcfgzc.jpg

 photo SAM_8521_zpssrzpbfya.jpg

 photo SAM_8522_zps53mulzgw.jpg

 photo SAM_8523_zpslxw8nnmn.jpg

 photo SAM_8524_zpsy3xvmy2p.jpg

 photo SAM_8526_zpsj5uoelec.jpg

 photo SAM_8527_zpsok3muw2w.jpg

 photo SAM_8528_zpsdqqemajs.jpg

 photo SAM_8529_zpsarmgvzq0.jpg

 photo SAM_8530_zpsas88dzyp.jpg

Well, the city itself is pretty nice and historic. The airport is oldfashioned and more undersized than possible. For example there is one restroom with one place for women and another one for men, that´s it in the whole gate area. Hard to believe, but true. No lounge here, but the flight itself is in biz, warm welcomed!.

More to come.
Bis bald!.
The Tripreporter