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where are the lights?. Any idea?:*

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Monday, 03.03.2014

KKN (Kirkenes lufthavn, Høybuktmoen)
ALF (Alta lufthavn)

The vid:

Service WF953 operated by Wideroe Flyveselskap
Scheduled:  14.37  //  15.24

Here are just some visited airports!:

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And two or three more!:

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The checked airlines also:

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All the visited countries:

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And the Tripreporter 2013 log:

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Here is 2014:

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And this is 2015, at least till now!:*

The FIDS and just for a short view outdoor. There is no lounge on offer here also at "Kirkenes Lufthavn Høybuktmoen"
 photo NORWAY032014189_zps1910ef73.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014190_zpse0ad95e0.jpg
And finally the green one for me!
 photo NORWAY032014191_zps27b1da45.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014192_zpsc5b384fc.jpg
This ticket is fixed with Wideroe directly at 85.00 Euro´s and a nice lady checked me in
 photo NORWAY032014193_zpsb92899f4.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014194_zpsf68d7d29.jpg
So, let´s go but trust me, take care with the ice on the ground
 photo NORWAY032014195_zps73d06e75.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014196_zpse712231d.jpg
"Wideroe" is ok from gate 23 at
2.30 pm, short ahead to schedule, runway "Two-Four" like arrivals and the temperature is -6 degrees.
It´s glassy here and we are racing, drifting down the runway, ok it seems the guys done it more than once in advance!
 photo NORWAY032014197_zpsfe41edae.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014198_zps802ff37b.jpg
Cabin crew is a middle aged asian woman, nice.
Service is BOB.
Up in the air for more chilly views!
 photo NORWAY032014199_zpsd5600c18.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014200_zps24f1aced.jpg
Interior view with the oldfashioned really well used fabric seats.
The load is 80% with me at 8E.
Free seating and two for me.
Interesting to notice, all informations in Norwegian only.
Cockpit crew is from Norway, ok, the guy at the left hand seat with a short welcome inflight.
No route or flightlevel info and once  again during approach very short
 photo NORWAY032014201_zpsaacf77b3.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014202_zpsc95d1b0b.jpg
This is LN-WSC, no individual name to see and just by big surprise, the Dash 8-300 on schedule, but this is a -200 example.
Leg no. 4 on type and new to the log it is.
Spend it´s time since 24.09.1996 with ARAMCO and Field Aviation till Wideroe together with just two other -200´s.
And there are no stories to notice
 photo NORWAY032014203_zpsb7011f6b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014204_zps7bbdb86f.jpg
Something to eat or drink?
 photo NORWAY032014205_zpsd6a67800.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014206_zpse7ca3b39.jpg
The engine is running properly
 photo NORWAY032014208_zpsc227b113.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014209_zps5e044193.jpg
The right place at the right time, isn´t it?. The sun is out again
 photo NORWAY032014210_zpsd4995b0c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014211_zpse25154ac.jpg
Talking about frozen lakes
 photo NORWAY032014212_zpsf6c675f8.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014213_zpsfc76abcc.jpg
And you are sure that there is an airport somewhere here?
 photo NORWAY032014214_zpsd95fd84b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014215_zpsaf5b41cd.jpg
Not a single sign of any human population down there
 photo NORWAY032014216_zpsaac0db11.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014217_zpscbaf055c.jpg
All white it is
 photo NORWAY032014218_zps20e9a316.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014219_zpsb45da0f6.jpg
Stunning scenery, at least from my point of view
 photo NORWAY032014220_zpsb50c19da.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014221_zpsdf5a5f5b.jpg
Water ahead
 photo NORWAY032014222_zps6646d97c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014223_zps79ffc7f7.jpg
Wheels down, sure?
 photo NORWAY032014224_zps55445ab0.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014225_zpsf49e4142.jpg
Yes, there is a road in the distance
 photo NORWAY032014226_zpse22f09b2.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014227_zpsbb33ddcb.jpg
And a runway, too
 photo NORWAY032014228_zps7366bbd2.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014229_zpsbfff0447.jpg
Ice floes again
 photo NORWAY032014230_zps616c4a8f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014231_zps1d00c388.jpg
Touchdown at "Alta Lufthavn" and the 2253 meters runway "Two-Nine". 3.10 pm, well ahead to schedule at -2 degrees
 photo NORWAY032014232_zps687428d6.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014233_zps50d258f5.jpg
Bye now, that was a nice experience
 photo NORWAY032014234_zps459616de.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014235_zpsd9bb787b.jpg
Also from this point of view
 photo NORWAY032014236_zpsaba80d54.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014237_zps531a8813.jpg
Well, this is Alta in the far north of Norway where the public transport options are limited.
In fact there is no kind of public transport at all. Taxis should be preordered and lucky me that a nice woman waiting to pick up a passenger called the taxi office to send me a car.
What also means not an cheap car but better an expensive taxi than no transport at all for the, ahem, city of Alta
 photo NORWAY032014238_zps711cbcda.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014239_zps86353497.jpg
And once again take care where you go, it´s slippery here to say the least
 photo NORWAY032014240_zpsc5604f7e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014241_zpsce20010b.jpg
The taxista is a nice guy and told me a couple of stories about his place and not that long thereafter my credit card account does  the job and I´am at the Altafjord Gjestegaard and Spa.
Not that really my piece of cake but the options are limited here
 photo NORWAY032014242_zpsb66b2a1a.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014243_zpsa0e6f51f.jpg
But the view for the Altafjord is nice
 photo NORWAY032014244_zps6fb50b64.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014245_zpsa065e203.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014246_zps028b44f6.jpg
So, now I´am in Alta, the Aurea Borealis capital of the world.
There is just the one and only night tonight to catch a glimpse of the nordic lights. Is it enough?.
Well, I was in contact with Alta´s city hall and just to maximize the chance, called for a guide. Well, the response was fast and soon thereafter I have the phone and mail contact of Trond Strifeldt on my laptop screen.
A couple of mails in and out and we decided that he pick me up around 7.30 pm, two other travellers should be also with me on the same track.
Trond arrived ontime but the two others not, what was a lucky point in the end.
Trond decided to give me a ride around the Fjord for a couple of places from where there is a chance to see the lights.
2014 is according to longtime activity statistics the last year of a high activity periode and the chance seems especially good during the late winter months.
Well, we stopped a couple of times,
the sky is unbelievable clear, it feels like you can catch the stars with your own hands. I´ve never seen something like this before. It´s completely dark and calm and the sky is speckled with stars. Trond explained a good number of constellations, amazing to follow it with your own eyes.
But most important, no show till now. We spend the time talking together and finally he decided to invite me to his private place, a good time to drive up and down rural roads till a place close to the top of a mountain with a marvellous view all around. He is half Sami and there is a Sami tent with an rural wood stove to warm up from time to time and he also boiled water on the stove for a hot, really hot, cup of tea or two
 photo NORWAY032014254_zps4928fdbb.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014249_zps1980e502.jpg
I don´t need more, no way
 photo NORWAY032014252_zpsd12548a5.jpg
So, by now it´s around midnight, we stepped in and out the tent various times, the temperature is now down to -20 degrees, the sky is as clear as never seen before, at least not me
and Trond was more unhappy than me that there is no activity all around.
We decided to stay for one more hour and later drive back to civilization.
My expectation about the lights is yet unclear. Slow and bright maybe?.
You know, the right place at the right time!.
From one second to the other, lucky me we are both out at this time, the show started and boy, what kind of a show
 photo IMG_2076_zpse817bd42.jpg
An amazing pink flash from one side of the sky to the other, a blue thunderstorm all around the left side, a red fence above the right side, flashs from one side of the sky to the other, a blue veil direct infront
 photo IMG_2086_zpsea0e76c0.jpg
Trust me, I´ve never seen something like this before and when you don´t see it for yourself it´s inconceivable. The most stunning point for me is the speed. It happens during seconds and the next second there is something else right hand side, something else left hand side and before the sky is clear it started again.
I stand there, tears in my eyes and trust me, I don´t feel cold anymore
 photo IMG_2098_zps13f480e2.jpg
Trond told me later about people returning with frostbite´s and don´t even noticed it.
The show goes on and on and it seems we spend an hour or more there in and out the tent and it doesn´t find an end,
Finally we decided that it´s time to leave the lights, a big, great thank you to Trond and back at the hotel at around 2.00 am, just the one important SMS down to Europe and I fell asleep immediatelly with a yellow, red, blue, green, pink thunderstorm in my mind!.

Do not forget the conclusions!:
1.)Norwegian TOS-KKN: Stunning views worth the window seat.
2.)Wideroe KKN-ALF: There is really a light up the north.

Farvel and take care.
The Tripreporter