Montag, 3. Mai 2021

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC7

 These bag is tough to carry from England to the homebase. 

What´s inside?. No idea here, absolutely no idea!.

Sonntag, 2. Mai 2021

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC6

 By now there are 74 "Visited Countries" worldwide

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC 5


This plane is active since 04.07.2007 with Germanwings and 


Followed by the stats:

Leg no. 1813 at all and no. 209 on the Airbus A319

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC4

 Scheduled:    19.00  //  21.35

Actual:   18.50  //  21.10

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC3

 Service Eurowings EW 2465 operated by D-AGWF

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC2

 The routing:

LHR //  "Heathrow Airport"

STR //  "Flughafen Stuttgart – Manfred Rommel Flughafen“ 

Eurowings LHR-STR//PIC1

 Hi there,

" A full bag of English goddies" on the way!.

Samstag, 1. Mai 2021

Eurowings PIC10//STR-LHR

 More to come.

Take care!.

The Tripreporter

Eurowings PIC9//STR-LHR

 Fresh it is in the morning, but safely arrived on the isle!.

Eurowings STR-LHR//PIC8

 Looks like a sunny day on the British isle ahead. Sure, that´s what I prefer!.

Eurowings STR-LHR//PIC7


Eurowings STR-LHR//PIC6


By now there are 240 "Airlines Checked" 

Eurowings PIC5//STR-LHR


This machine is active since 14MAR2016 with Eurowings and Eurowings Europe 

And the stats:

Leg no. 1812 at all and no. 254 on the Airbus A320

Eurowings STR-LHR//PIC4

 Scheduled:    07.30  //  08.25

Actual:   07.35  //  08.00