Dienstag, 31. Juli 2018

Thunderstorms on approach


"Thunderstorms on approach", for sure nothing out of the ordinary these days!.

 photo SAM_6004_zpsxxoluzyv.jpg

The routing:*

Service AirBaltic BT643 operated by YL-BBR

Scheduled:   16.25  //  17.55
Actual:   16.40  //  18.10

This machine saw different colours till now, since 01.02.1999 Deutsche BA, Fly-DBA, Flyglobespan and AirBaltic

Here are some stories:

And here are the stat´s:
Leg no. 1651 at all and no. 64 on the Boeing 737-300

Now we see the Visited Countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

A really short connection, 30 minutes,
at the "Starptautiskā lidosta Rīga".
But finally it works and on the way for the "Flughafen Zürich".
As usual, there are a couple of pictures!:

 photo SAM_5995_zpsfx4tsk7m.jpg

 photo SAM_5996_zps2mkeunx4.jpg

 photo SAM_5998_zpss4lwawbg.jpg

 photo SAM_5999_zpsat3jt4uj.jpg

 photo SAM_6000_zpswb7nsmli.jpg

 photo SAM_6001_zpsu0bh7jos.jpg

 photo SAM_6002_zpsvi2vzoiw.jpg

 photo SAM_6006_zpsq2zelzdv.jpg

 photo SAM_6007_zpsdwiuoplq.jpg

 photo SAM_6008_zpselcoyrgv.jpg

 photo SAM_6009_zpsr0qjne0k.jpg

 photo SAM_6010_zps0k2wijiu.jpg

 photo SAM_6011_zpskbceffzj.jpg

 photo SAM_6012_zpsgmtw0ig4.jpg

 photo SAM_6013_zpswyd2mzyo.jpg

 photo SAM_6014_zpsk5hspjxy.jpg

 photo SAM_6015_zpsrdzfjhjl.jpg

 photo SAM_6016_zpsuvzqpouy.jpg

 photo SAM_6017_zpsit23bdin.jpg

 photo SAM_6018_zpsueahtoif.jpg

 photo SAM_6019_zpsvo8nttwf.jpg

 photo SAM_6020_zpslbounn8d.jpg

 photo SAM_6021_zpsswl3h1n3.jpg

 photo SAM_6022_zpsz4m5qsq4.jpg

One more classic for the log. Circling around the thunderstorms on approach. But it seems no real problem at all for the good old Boeing!.

More to come.
Bis bald.
The Tripreporter.

Freitag, 27. Juli 2018

Really like the classic´s


"Really like the classic´s" and this was definitely a classic!.

 photo SAM_5971_zpsz44qlhvx.jpg

The routing:*

Service AirBaltic BT36 operated by YL-BBI

Scheduled:   15.10  //  15.55
Actual:   15.10  //  15.55

Airside we are since 03.04.1995 with Ansett Australia, Rio Sul and AirBaltic

Nothing special is to report on this machine

But certainly, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1650 at all and no. 63 on the Boeing 737-300

Here are the actual Visited Airports. 389 is the number on the list for the latest entry, PLQ:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Pretty well ontime at the "Palangos oro uostas", the plane, too.
A couple of pictures and finally on the way for the "Starptautiskā lidosta Rīga".

Yes, there are also some pictures to show:

 photo SAM_5948_zps5okaue7p.jpg

 photo SAM_5949_zpsglcojyqg.jpg

 photo SAM_5951_zpsu8tj5qtu.jpg

 photo SAM_5953_zpsbws5owao.jpg

 photo SAM_5954_zpsb3hsam6m.jpg

 photo SAM_5956_zpsxtrsjlj5.jpg

 photo SAM_5957_zpsuibti3u6.jpg

 photo SAM_5958_zps6ubqcrh1.jpg

 photo SAM_5959_zpsaukrlaot.jpg

 photo SAM_5960_zpsfmlhzjxu.jpg

 photo SAM_5961_zpsztrpjt7i.jpg

 photo SAM_5962_zpscr72a8no.jpg

 photo SAM_5963_zpsao9z8k87.jpg

 photo SAM_5964_zpss8yms6d8.jpg

 photo SAM_5966_zpscjmg9fkg.jpg

 photo SAM_5968_zpsw6hrke1p.jpg

 photo SAM_5969_zpskqrrrqjy.jpg

 photo SAM_5970_zpssrzig2ar.jpg

 photo SAM_5972_zps1szfddeb.jpg

 photo SAM_5974_zpsvzakf7rk.jpg

 photo SAM_5975_zpsu9f2prte.jpg

 photo SAM_5976_zpsdjmpcxbd.jpg

 photo SAM_5977_zps6iytgvap.jpg

 photo SAM_5978_zpsgi8jfegg.jpg

 photo SAM_5979_zpszjnit4yt.jpg

 photo SAM_5980_zpsfqoxmi3n.jpg

 photo SAM_5981_zpsldvcjczq.jpg

 photo SAM_5982_zpsamiglmif.jpg

 photo SAM_5983_zpsdfemct5b.jpg

 photo SAM_5984_zpsksa5m9ar.jpg

 photo SAM_5985_zpsqsd6geje.jpg

 photo SAM_5986_zps4gebrfv7.jpg

 photo SAM_5987_zpsgksxhxkl.jpg

 photo SAM_5988_zpsrym7nfpx.jpg

 photo SAM_5989_zpsw0xg9fim.jpg

 photo SAM_5990_zps30adacz1.jpg

 photo SAM_5991_zpsskwvwhmy.jpg

 photo SAM_5992_zps0bicpg33.jpg

 photo SAM_5993_zpshhzczekl.jpg

 photo SAM_5994_zpsibmxprnj.jpg

No, I`am absolutely not with the crowd of connecting pax in panic. 30 minutes on schedule for the next flight. No hurries, if it´s ok, it´s ok, if not, we will see!.

More to come.
Drīz redzēsim.
The Tripreporter.