Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Back for the updates!


here are the latest updates.

Recently explored and coming up as soon as possible:

- A couple of mountains at Kathmandu by Qatar/Turkish

 photo IMGP6690_zpsbf54514d.jpg

- Aeroflot to Moscow and Dubai

 photo RUS2013047_zpsa13faf37.jpg

- Ethiopian for Ethiopia

 photo ETHIOPIA2013070_zpsbb0f40f6.jpg

- Linz and Welcome Air

 photo ADEC13319_zps9572e3c6.jpg

- Ukraine by Aeroflot and Ukraine International

 photo UA012014110_zps0bb66fed.jpg

- Olympic for Chios

 photo GR012014167_zps43ea3624.jpg

- Asturias by Swiftair

 photo EJAN2014118_zps8ac7f438.jpg

- The AnadoluJet till Sanliurfa

 photo TRJAN2014119_zps44895975.jpg

- Sunny Innsbruck

 photo AUSTRIAFEB2014083_zpse3a7522d.jpg

- Privilege Style for Lisbon

 photo LIS022014232_zps6265eb64.jpg

- Chambery on BACitiflyer

 photo FRANFEB14122_zpsf4552199.jpg

- Air Serbia and Athens

 photo GRFEB2014185_zpsbea57982.jpg

- SAS and the nordic lights

 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg

- The LAN for Espagna

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

- Where is Memmingen?

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

- Little and red and England!

 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg

- Flying something black in Denmark

 photo DANMARKMAR2014039_zpsf0f97365.jpg

- Smart on the way for Prague

 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg

- Take care, there is a Hex in the air!

 photo FRANAPRIL2014092_zps932393c9.jpg

- Monarch just for the special event

 photo ENGLANDAPRIL2014088_zps283e6a33.jpg

- Inaugural by Darwin/Etihad Regional

 photo GVA052014035_zpscd6a65e6.jpg

- German domestic Jetstreaming

 photo FMO052014PIC067_zpsa39f75d8.jpg

- A visit to the ILA Berlin

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014084_zpsd6c9e518.jpg

- And maybe a meeting in Amsterdam!

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014142_zps72904db9.jpg

- Sunny side up for England!

 photo LGWPICS052014006_zps7f02f06a.jpg

On the to-do-list:

- How to connect Florence and Venice?
- Tupolev, whatever it means?
- Karup on some Danish
- Jettime, sounds interesting!
- Air Serbia for Dubrovnik, maybe?
- Something from Berlin for Sylt
- Livingston, what´s this, for Sardinia
- Lübeck, the pink way
- The Astra of Airlines to Kalamata
- Volotea and Palermo
- The big, the really big bird for Corsica
- How to deliver a present in style!
- Just some sun med style
- An A airline from CH to D!

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Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

#NEPAL #QatarAirways #Boeing787 #DOH

नमस्कार, Namaskara, Hello, dear readers,

safely arrived in MUC, just a little bit further to go right now:*

Thanx to, once more:

Wednesday, 20.11.2013

MUC (Flughafen München
Franz Josef Strauß)
DOH (Doha International Airport
مطار الدوحة الدولي)

Service QR 58 operated by Qatar Airways
Scheduled:  14.55  //  22.20

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This is a well timed connection, at least from a stressed biz travellers point of view, so well timed that there is close to no time in between for the next flight.
Passport check works swiftly but no chance to use a lounge here.
Well, I feel sorry with the Pristina travellers and the thousand kids, 3.05 hours late on "Germania" and also "Emirates" is not on the scheduled track today, 3.20 hours late for Dubai. Hopefully not a gulf problem in general.
What about this machine at gate H18
 photo IMGP6371_zps340b2ab0.jpg
 photo IMGP6372_zpsef2b4ad8.jpg
Interesting to follow the call by the gate staff when I arrived.
All pax with an boarding pass not issued by QR itself should contact the counter.
Well, that´s certainly me and so far with the cooperation this way.
Two or three pax only doing the same way like me, all the others started here, astonishing.
Well, nice talking with the middle aged gate agent shows me the two seats beside occupied, not to my greatest pleasure. But also offered me another chance for more space upfront. Three seats for me with the middle and the aisle blocked, One World status works perfectly here.
Well, it looks like nice, I need a couple more pictures
 photo IMGP6373_zpsc811a00f.jpg
 photo IMGP6374_zpsbd5107de.jpg
And this is also a premiere for me
 photo IMGP6375_zpsa0d6338a.jpg
 photo IMGP6376_zps3572c5ac.jpg
The very first leg on the 787.
A warm welcome to A7-BCA, a pardon with no individual name just for this time.
In the air with Qatar since 07.12.2012 and also the very first line number with the company. 9 examples are in the actual fleet.
Here is an interesting story with the plane:
 photo IMGP6377_zps32a37dc7.jpg
 photo IMGP6378_zpsaefe6330.jpg
Boarding now, ok, let´s go
 photo IMGP6379_zps1d1aeaeb.jpg
 photo IMGP6380_zps5ad1ad70.jpg
Yes, this engine looks like huge
 photo IMGP6384_zpsf1d463cf.jpg
 photo IMGP6385_zps733c9340.jpg
Also from this point of view
 photo IMGP6386_zps16d680e7.jpg
 photo IMGP6387_zpse7121396.jpg
And also inside it looks like modern with the mixed red fabric seats, spacious and clean
 photo IMGP6388_zpsd6c6e6f8.jpg
 photo IMGP6389_zpsd60cc092.jpg
2.50 pm, short ahead to schedule,  5.10 hours Dreamliner style by "Qatari". Departure from the 4000 meters "Two-Six-Left", leaving 4 cloudy but dry degrees at the "Flughafen München - Franz Josef Strauss".
The load is 90%, biz and others, VFR maybe, well mixed and
bulkhead typical legroom.
A german middle aged guy joins me on the aisle seat.
Sure ok, he´s on a biz trip for Hongkong and Australia, interesting talking on the way
 photo IMGP6390_zps5104d285.jpg
 photo IMGP6391_zps433fc920.jpg
FA´s serving my seat are a nice middle aged south east asian woman and a young asian male, nice too.
There is also a magazine on offer and some entertainment
 photo IMGP6392_zps5d2252d2.jpg
 photo IMGP6393_zpsa7b1b792.jpg
Cockpit crew is an European "طيار", maybe italian with a very short info later on not that far from Doha, 10 till 15 minutes holding, weather and traffic related.
Routing is Budapest-Bukarest-Bagdad-Kuwait, no flightlevel info.
On the way we are
 photo IMGP6394_zps119f0989.jpg
 photo IMGP6395_zps142053ea.jpg
Well, the IFE is good, good for some issues today.
And I´am sure all the others on this plane are spanish native speakers, what is programmed in advance.
For real, it was not possible to change the language
 photo IMGP6396_zps670697ce.jpg
 photo IMGP6397_zpse5888f28.jpg
Till a complete restart and some snacks
 photo IMGP6398_zps21e64586.jpg
 photo IMGP6399_zps24e27f1b.jpg
But my usual point of interest shows a black, dark page, only after the restart.
No flight tracking available. The lead FA was at my seat and confirmed that they are somewhat lucky to bring the system to work with the languages changeable. But on the other hand side the inflight map doesn´t work and he don´t want to restart the system again not knowing what´s the result.
So far with my first 787 impression
 photo IMGP6400_zps989c4464.jpg
 photo IMGP6401_zpsddf26d17.jpg
But mood lighting works!
 photo IMGP6402_zps9672d84f.jpg
 photo IMGP6403_zps719f2a82.jpg
Full cabin view
 photo IMGP6404_zpsf81e4bc7.jpg
 photo IMGP6405_zpsb6c43390.jpg
And mood lighting on the engine looks like also nice, isn´t it?
 photo IMGP6406_zps27896477.jpg
 photo IMGP6407_zpsc1532a39.jpg
Well, modern style, ok, but I prefer the menu card on paper anyway or should I collect the screen?
 photo IMGP6408_zps553d2478.jpg
 photo IMGP6409_zps63ee1fe2.jpg
Well, as usual, I don´t even eat something from the left hand side, right hand side is good for me!. And soon thereafter we are at the "Doha International Airport
مطار الدوحة الدولي" with it´s massive 4570 meters runway "One-Five". It´s 10.40 pm here, what is 20 minutes late and also means 8.40 pm in Germany
 photo IMGP6410_zps337571c6.jpg
 photo IMGP6411_zps854b9aeb.jpg
Where the weather, remember the information short ahead to approach, is exactly what you expect from the middle east. 24 degrees, ok so far, but it´s raining cats and dogs and something else and the airport should better invest some money in a fleet of transfer boats to ship the pax from the plane to the terminal than these useless busses!
 photo IMGP6412_zps02ddc405.jpg

A short night at the lounge ahead now and further for the mountains!.
The Tripreporter