Freitag, 30. April 2021

Eurowings STR-LHR//PIC3

 Service Eurowings EW 2462 operated by Eurowings Europe OE-IQC

Eurowings PIC2//STR-LHR

 The routing:

STR //  "Flughafen Stuttgart – Manfred Rommel Flughafen“ 

LHR //  "Heathrow Airport"

Eurowings PIC1//STR-LHR


"Shopping in England?". Oh yes, very important it is!.

Freitag, 23. April 2021

Eurowings PIC 9 // VIE-STR

 More to come.

Bis dann!.

The Tripreporter

Eurowings PIC8 // VIE-STR

 Safely on the way, that´s it and most important these days!.

Eurowings PIC7 // VIE-STR


Dark it is while heading for the base.

Good to catch some sleep now!.

Eurowings PIC 6 // VIE-STR

 416 "Visited Airports" are counted till now

Eurowings Pic5 // VIE - STR

 Airside we are since 04SEP2007 with AirBerlin, Belair, Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter and 


Here are the stats:

Leg no. 1811 at all and no. 208 on the Airbus A319

Eurowings Pic4// VIE - STR

 Scheduled:    20.55  //  22.05

Actual:   20.50  //  21.55

Mittwoch, 21. April 2021

Eurowings Pic2//VIE-STR


The routing:

VIE // "Flughafen Wien-Schwechat" 

STR //  "Flughafen Stuttgart – Manfred Rommel Flughafen“ 

Montag, 19. April 2021

Austrian Pic10//ZRH-VIE

 Superb nice Austrian crew here.

I hope they will go further.

An terminal change now, not my preference, but well that´s it.

Sonntag, 18. April 2021

Donnerstag, 15. April 2021

Austrian PIC4//ZRH-VIE

 We see different operators here since 06.07.2001 LTU International Airways, LTU Austria, Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines

Austrian PIC3//ZRH-VIE

 Scheduled:    17.45  //  19.10

Actual:   18.00  //  19.10

Dienstag, 13. April 2021

Austrian/PIC1: ZRH-VIE



"Three for me by nice Austrian". That´s the way to enjoy these short service!.

On the way:  
                                                          ZRH // "Flughafen Zuerich" 
VIE // "Flughafen Wien-Schwechat"