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And back with the updates!


back with the latest updates.

Recently explored and coming up as soon as possible:

- Linz and Welcome Air

 photo ADEC13319_zps9572e3c6.jpg

- Ukraine by Aeroflot and Ukraine International

 photo UA012014110_zps0bb66fed.jpg

- Olympic for Chios

 photo GR012014167_zps43ea3624.jpg

- Asturias by Swiftair

 photo EJAN2014118_zps8ac7f438.jpg

- The AnadoluJet till Sanliurfa

 photo TRJAN2014119_zps44895975.jpg

- Sunny Innsbruck

 photo AUSTRIAFEB2014083_zpse3a7522d.jpg

- Privilege Style for Lisbon

 photo LIS022014232_zps6265eb64.jpg

- Chambery on BACitiflyer

 photo FRANFEB14122_zpsf4552199.jpg

- Air Serbia and Athens

 photo GRFEB2014185_zpsbea57982.jpg

- SAS and the nordic lights

 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg

- The LAN for Espagna

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

- Where is Memmingen?

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

- Little and red and England!

 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg

- Flying something black in Denmark

 photo DANMARKMAR2014039_zpsf0f97365.jpg

- Smart on the way for Prague

 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg

- Take care, there is a Hex in the air!

 photo FRANAPRIL2014092_zps932393c9.jpg

- Monarch just for the special event

 photo ENGLANDAPRIL2014088_zps283e6a33.jpg

- Inaugural by Darwin/Etihad Regional

 photo GVA052014035_zpscd6a65e6.jpg

- German domestic Jetstreaming

 photo FMO052014PIC067_zpsa39f75d8.jpg

- A visit to the ILA Berlin

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014084_zpsd6c9e518.jpg

- And maybe a meeting in Amsterdam!

 photo TXLAMSPICS052014142_zps72904db9.jpg

- Sunny side up for England!

 photo LGWPICS052014006_zps7f02f06a.jpg

- How to connect Florence and Venice?

 photo SAM_0318_zps4434ba01.jpg

- Tupolev, whatever it means?

 photo SAM_0505_zps1ee141f3.jpg

- Karup on some Danish

 photo SAM_0755_zpsf2238fb3.jpg

- Jettime, sounds interesting!

 photo SAM_0890_zps646efefa.jpg

- Air Serbia for Dubrovnik, maybe?

 photo SAM_1015_zps023193e2.jpg

- Something from Berlin for Sylt

 photo SAM_1183_zps07be6859.jpg

- Livingston, what´s this, for Sardinia

 photo SAM_1299_zpsd20183d6.jpg

- Lübeck, the pink way

 photo SAM_1388_zpsebbfc215.jpg

- The Astra of Airlines to Kalamata

 photo SAM_1552_zpsf95b4656.jpg

- Volotea and Palermo

 photo SAM_1798_zpsc0501732.jpg

On the to-do-list:

- The big, the really big bird for Corsica
- How to deliver a present in style!
- Just some sun med style
- An A airline from CH to D!

Here are all the checked airlines till now:

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The visited countries:

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A couple of visited airports, too:

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The new places:

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And some plane types recorded:

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The Tripreporter 2013 final data:

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And what about 2014?:

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Take care,

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أهلا و سهلا, Selam and Hello, dear readers,

Paris it is, just for the very swift way:*

Thanx once more:

Friday, 06.12.2013

CDG (Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)

Service AF 1408 operated by Air France
Scheduled:  07.40  //  08.55

Here are the latest visited airports:

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And the previous 200 examples:

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All the visited countries:

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And the final Tripreporter 2013 map:

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The checked airlines:

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And the plane types recorded:

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For T2F, with a shorty security check also in an extra area
and the necessary view for the screen
 photo ETHIOPIA2013244_zpsa78a9f67.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013245_zpsd4716199.jpg
A very swift visit to the lounge is possible till they call for boarding from F30.
This is a mileage ticket at 35.00 Euros taxes, fees and 10000 miles.
07.40 am, "AirFrance" is ontime, no duration info and departure from "Two-Six-Right", like arrivals at 7 cloudy degrees.
Leaving the "Aéroport Roissy Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle".
This is F-GUGJ, the A318 like on schedule and one more without an individual name.
Just by surprise, new to the log and leg no. 21 on type.
In the air with AF since 14.10.2005, 18 examples are in the fleet and there are some interesting stories to follow:
 photo ETHIOPIA2013247_zpsae3864da.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013248_zpsf0161553.jpg
Cockpit crew is from France. The "Capitaine" with a short welcome after boarding in an experienced style.
No route or flightlevel info.
Stunning views above Paris
 photo ETHIOPIA2013249_zpsf6d66d1b.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013250_zps98897cc4.jpg
Cabin crew is one middle aged male, nice and two women, both elder, one ok, the other nice and attentive.
The legroom and the safety card
 photo ETHIOPIA2013251_zps15a8765f.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013252_zps2cf44767.jpg
The magazine and some details with the mixed blue red clean so far fabric seats, but not that impressive legroom.
The load is 60% only, 19A and three for me, late boarding helps once again
 photo ETHIOPIA2013253_zpsc02f77b1.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013254_zpsfed42ff2.jpg
Service is a brioche and free drinks with the dark cabin
 photo ETHIOPIA2013255_zps61ccbae6.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013257_zpsd31705d2.jpg
Touchdown at "Two-Five", the "Flughafen Stuttgart" it is once more, 08.45 am, ten minutes ahead to schedule and 3 partly cloudy degrees
 photo ETHIOPIA2013258_zps6ead082e.jpg
The car is once again surprised to see me as scheduled this early time of the day.
There is no resistant system these days, isn´t it?.
No, it isn´t!.

Here are the conclusions:

1.)Ethiopian FRA-ADD: Nice crew and really comfy service.
2.)Ethiopian ADD-CDG: A relaxed night in dreamland on the classic.
3.)Air France CDG-STR: Calm and quiet for the homebase.

And also when it´s December right now there is one more, but this time the final, ride in 2013 to go:

 photo ADEC13294_zpse14f3e26.jpg

Dehna hunu,
take care.
The Tripreporter

#ETHIOPIA #EthiopianAirlines #ADD #B763

أهلا و سهلا, Selam and Hello, dear readers,

I´am in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, an amazing place, but I should fly again right now:*

Thanx once again to:

Thursday, 05.12.2013

ADD (Addis Ababa Bole International Airport)
CDG (Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle)

Service ET 704 operated by Ethiopian Airlines
Scheduled:  23.55  //  05.45

This is a view for all the visited countries, Ethiopia is counted with no. 61:

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A new entry is also to see with ADD and the visited airports at no. 285:

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The previous 200 visited places:

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The final Tripreporter 2013 map:

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And this is 2014, at least till now:

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Ethiopian Airlines is new with the checked airlines at no. 176:

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And the plane types recorded are also here:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Lots of people around. Night curfew?. Noise restrictions?. For sure not here in Ethiopia!
 photo ETHIOPIA2013201_zps846a0afa.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013202_zps75c8769a.jpg
Addis works also with the security at the entrance system.
Me and the bag checked the relaxed style and in the terminal soon thereafter
 photo ETHIOPIA2013203_zpsd2c032ad.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013204_zpsa9af5815.jpg
Not that long to wait at the counter, a nice young Ethiopian woman at work.
This time the flight is well loaded, but the last row two seater is open and some talking later she offered the window and also blocked the aisle. Really well done service here in Addis.
Some thirty minutes at passport check and security with the usual scenes.
Senior travellers cutting the queue with a short connection,
such a short one like it later turns out when the young guy at the front asked about, with pax in the queue on earlier flights. Well, it´s the rule also in Ethiopia, seniors and trust me, not the african Seniors, no these are the European seniors, always first.
Further for a view to the screen
 photo ETHIOPIA2013208_zpsb6bcab15.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013205_zps344a2ad9.jpg
Paris and onwards for BRU looks like ok.
And a 767, the classic one, is waiting at gate 2.
315.00 Euro´s is the fare here, fixed by, another one way booking.
I don´t use the lounge this time, it looks like packed with people standing around.
Well, gate 2, always interesting to follow baggage loaded to you´re plane and not that long thereafter unloaded again.
Some confusion later, sure this is Africa, the gate changed and it looks like we´re on the tech track.
Well again, there is an connection upcoming, one of these feasible examples during booking, on different tickets of course.
And when it comes closer it feels like the guy at the controls had a cup of the strong black stuff to much when he pressed the book it button!.
By bus right now and there is another 763 on the apron
 photo ETHIOPIA2013207_zpsd8832ee3.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013214_zpsabdbd208.jpg
So this is ET-ALP, another one without an individual name and the 763 like on schedule.
New to the log and leg no. 9 on type
 photo ETHIOPIA2013215_zps524bf467.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013216_zps7c979c94.jpg
13 examples are in the fleet and with a delivery date at 22.06.2005 this is the newest example
 photo ETHIOPIA2013218_zpsd27fbfdd.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013219_zps089c20bd.jpg
This machine is also known here:
 photo ETHIOPIA2013220_zps7d1b514f.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013221_zps46a030fc.jpg
Also by night, I like apron boarding!
 photo ETHIOPIA2013222_zps4679bebf.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013223_zpse7532ace.jpg
And especially around the big birds, you know!
 photo ETHIOPIA2013225_zpsf95e4351.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013226_zps341d5c2d.jpg
Bye now to "Addis Ababa Bole International Airport", 0.00 am it is, short after schedule, 7.20 hours by "Ethiopian"
and departure from the 4604 meters "Zero-Seven-Left" at 8 degrees and clear sky.
Cockpit crew, at least the "Captain" sounds english native, with a short welcome in an experienced style at the runway entrance. Nice and short again prior to descent.
Routing is Khartoum-South Eastern Egypt-North Eastern Lybia-Trapani-Ajaccio-Nice-Dijon at 34000 till 36000 feet.
My pleasure, you know!
 photo ETHIOPIA2013227_zps1fbd9fdd.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013228_zpse8703b66.jpg
40 A/B for me.
And this is certainly a step back in time with the direct comparison to the 787 on the inbound.
The legroom is remarkable lower and the whole cabin looks like somewhat retro.
Here is the actual magazine
 photo ETHIOPIA2013229_zpsa317c2cc.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013230_zps1a6a0f7b.jpg
The load is 80%, locals and westerners well mixed.
The safety card and the cabin with the really well used fabric seats
 photo ETHIOPIA2013231_zpsbbea37b4.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013232_zps8938f42c.jpg
Not that really clean it is
 photo ETHIOPIA2013233_zps8cfb652d.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013234_zps75a6a459.jpg
Cabin crew serving my seat is a middle aged woman, large, slim, black hair, really nice.
Nice staff all around and HSN suits me well,
rice, tomato sauce and herbs
 photo ETHIOPIA2013235_zps4855a219.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013236_zps917f2978.jpg
Well, the short nights are calling discret, but also permanently till close to the "Aéroport Roissy Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle"
 photo ETHIOPIA2013237_zps3d987488.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013238_zpsc6f81834.jpg
Touchdown at the 4215 meters "Two-Six-Right", 05.45 am, perfectly ontime and 7 partly cloudy degrees.
Welcome again to good old Europe
 photo ETHIOPIA2013240_zpsf8f28e33.jpg
 photo ETHIOPIA2013243_zps2f095332.jpg
Immigration works swiftly and there is an intra terminal  shuttle on offer now.
One more leg to go, the one with the short connection!.

Take care.
The Tripreporter