Sonntag, 18. August 2019

Good to go on the Biz Lacto Ovo


"Good to go on the Biz Lacto Ovo". Delicious it was!.

 photo SAM_8972_zps1rtdnz3b.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1255 operated by HB-IOK "Bifertenstock"

Scheduled:    19.35  //  22.00
Actual:    19.45  //  21.50

This plane joined Swissair at 19.03.1999 and is nowadays with Swiss International Airlines

And also the special story:

The stats, for sure:
Leg no. 1763 at all and no. 66 on the Airbus A321

237 is the latest count at the "Airlines Checked" map:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Busy it is at the "Stockholm-Arlanda flygplats". At least in the SK Lounge!.
Finally out for the "Flughafen Zuerich".
Sure, with the pictures:

 photo SAM_8953_zps9qvnuizv.jpg

 photo SAM_8954_zps5bugkqqe.jpg

 photo SAM_8955_zpsaqx3u7ed.jpg

 photo SAM_8960_zpsomukuwwk.jpg

 photo SAM_8961_zps7upivhdi.jpg

 photo SAM_8962_zpscbmyyqnj.jpg

 photo SAM_8963_zpsaw0ceiln.jpg

 photo SAM_8964_zpsbnsszpaf.jpg

 photo SAM_8965_zpsfouqfhx9.jpg

 photo SAM_8966_zpsjrp4dqht.jpg

 photo SAM_8968_zps5bme0cyo.jpg

 photo SAM_8969_zpsjltuhujy.jpg

 photo SAM_8970_zpsylknzoaf.jpg

 photo SAM_8973_zpst8w0kixt.jpg

Delicious it was. More biz style meals this way, please!.

More to come.
Bis bald!.
The Tripreporter

Samstag, 17. August 2019

PSO relaxed vintage style


"PSO relaxed vintage style". And it works perfectly ontime!.

 photo SAM_8951_zpsrhwsyjjc.jpg

The routing:*

Service Amapola Flyg HP 251 operated by SE-LIO

Scheduled:    11.30  //  13.00
Actual:    11.25  //   12.45

Active we are since 04.02.1989 with Philippine Airlines, Skyways Airlines, Braathens Regional and Amapola Flyg.

There are no special stories available

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1762 at all and no. 11 on the Fokker 50

103 is the count at the "Plane Types Recorded" list:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the north and the "Lycksele flygplats".
For the biz and the "Stockholm-Arlanda flygplats".
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_8940_zpsdxh7keum.jpg

 photo SAM_8941_zpsda4fywc7.jpg

 photo SAM_8942_zpswxjbnrdb.jpg

 photo SAM_8943_zpsewrkqvjj.jpg

 photo SAM_8944_zpsoz7eqvu9.jpg

 photo SAM_8945_zps6zi3e5mo.jpg

 photo SAM_8946_zpscpvbej1o.jpg

 photo SAM_8947_zpsoruwlatb.jpg

 photo SAM_8949_zpsteibb6yk.jpg

 photo SAM_8950_zps0xeutowu.jpg

It feels definitely good to count more
´50 flights to the log!.

More to come.
Ses snart!.
The Tripreporter

Mittwoch, 14. August 2019

The room with it´s own binoculars


"The room with it´s own binoculars". You should go to Lapland to experience things like this!.

 photo SAM_8910_zpsdxriacns.jpg

The routing:*

Service Amapola Flyg HP 251 operated by SE-LIO

Scheduled:    10.45  //  11.05
Actual:  10.45  //  11.05

Philippine Airlines, Skyways Airlines, Braathens Regional and Amapola Flyg is it here since 04.02.1989.

Nothing special is to show

But definitely, the stats:
Leg no. 1761 at all and no. 10 on the Fokker 50

The latest "Visited Airports" map shows us VHM and no. 409   as a new entry:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

In walking distance it is, no transfer needed and out of the
"South Lapland Airport Vilhelmina flygplats".
For the "Lycksele flygplats", sure, we know!.
And now the pictures:

 photo SAM_8919_zps2vbrqwg6.jpg

 photo SAM_8905_zpszfb3yexv.jpg

 photo SAM_8906_zpsmljostyg.jpg

 photo SAM_8907_zpsdn5epqoe.jpg

 photo SAM_8908_zpsprugzevq.jpg

 photo SAM_8913_zpsugkiuywv.jpg

 photo SAM_8914_zpsfaz5gt7t.jpg

 photo SAM_8915_zpsnwefezrk.jpg

 photo SAM_8916_zpsgv3hl28i.jpg

 photo SAM_8917_zpslpniogxp.jpg

 photo SAM_8918_zps9ywalgxi.jpg

 photo SAM_8920_zpsh6mhwxtn.jpg

 photo SAM_8923_zpsbgqjlepv.jpg

 photo SAM_8924_zps0zseuinv.jpg

 photo SAM_8926_zpszw1dxyby.jpg

 photo SAM_8927_zpsedsye7zy.jpg

 photo SAM_8929_zps6kajbw5e.jpg

 photo SAM_8930_zpstddoldyw.jpg

 photo SAM_8931_zpsysxsyswa.jpg

 photo SAM_8932_zpsevlcqq2f.jpg

 photo SAM_8933_zpsmawo1j5b.jpg

 photo SAM_8934_zpsxicm74uu.jpg

 photo SAM_8935_zpslm39f9yn.jpg

 photo SAM_8936_zpsybavuptg.jpg

 photo SAM_8937_zpstl7aoiwc.jpg

 photo SAM_8938_zpsbmryhs0f.jpg

 photo SAM_8939_zpsbzrl5jba.jpg

Set the direction east before turning south and back to reality!.

More to come.
Tills dess!.
The Tripreporter