Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

The latest map edition is here:

And once more, up to date we are with all the flights done in 2015:*

If nothing turns wrong, as usual, you know!:

- Fly Dolomiti, it´s the last chance
- Meeting in Catalunya
- The Kingdom of Aragon
- Lithuania all around
- Titan´s of the Cyclades
- On the way for Lombardia
- One more LON airport
- Vienna cake´s, please

Montag, 11. Mai 2015

Up to date we are!

Up to date we are with all the flights done in 2015 once again:*

If nothing turns wrong, as usual, you know!:

- The Express for Poznan
- Meeting at BCN
- BCN and further
- Up the north it is
- Down the south it is
- For the SEN collection
- Vienna cake´s, please

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015


Hola, amigos,

for the final part of the story this way, please!:*

Thanx to once again:

Saturday, 08. Mar. 2014

MAD (Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas)
FRA (Flughafen Frankfurt am Main)

The vid:

Service LA 704 operated by LAN Airlines
Scheduled 15.15 - 18.00

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And 2015:*

There is no lounge used here.
The one with the two or the other one with the four engines?
 photo ESPAGNA032014271_zps6ecf3535.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014272_zps671538e0.jpg
Or the one at U70?.
Two or four, they are looking sharp left hand side!
 photo ESPAGNA032014273_zpsd3402308.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014274_zps1b09cd03.jpg
Closer please
 photo ESPAGNA032014275_zps812c8266.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg
787, ok
 photo ESPAGNA032014277_zpsfe782967.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014278_zps4156b59a.jpg
Call me "La Primera", simply the first
787-800 in America del Sud, CC-BBA.
New to the log it is and leg no. 4 on type for me.
By now there are 10 examples in the fleet and this one is in service since 31.08.2012.
Here are two stories:
 photo ESPAGNA032014279_zps77e09cd1.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014280_zps6f307b11.jpg
"La Primera", whatever it means, but anyway I don´t mind to fly the very first 787 here in any case
 photo ESPAGNA032014281_zps07d45e01.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014282_zpsa9d662aa.jpg
That´s the one
 photo ESPAGNA032014283_zpscbd64d27.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014284_zpsb44affc9.jpg
Ok, ok, let´s go
 photo ESPAGNA032014285_zpsf77f2d3a.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014286_zps61192bd6.jpg
Yes, right now
 photo ESPAGNA032014287_zps29607478.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014288_zpsaac4dcc9.jpg
Boarding now to leave the "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas" and by the way, ticketing is done via Opodo and the fare is 55.00 Euro´s
 photo ESPAGNA032014289_zps89510ecc.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014290_zps2fd3dc0c.jpg
Are you sure, an IB winglet and a LAN plane?
 photo ESPAGNA032014291_zps3e808dbb.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014292_zps2d2fda47.jpg
You are?. Ok!
 photo ESPAGNA032014294_zps6fcafc49.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014295_zps11aa787f.jpg
3.10 pm, well ahead to schedule and we are on the way for 2.10 "LAN" hours from the 3500 meters "One-Four-Left" at 18 degrees and clear sky
 photo ESPAGNA032014297_zps757170fd.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014298_zps8c76feba.jpg
Yes, mood lighting
 photo ESPAGNA032014299_zpsca9c552b.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014300_zpsb010d2b0.jpg
Legroom is ok at 21J/K/L but not that good like in the last row and the load is 90%. Some very few Germans and mostly South American passengers
 photo ESPAGNA032014301_zpsf52888f1.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014302_zps7f28505c.jpg
Cockpit crew is chilean, "El Comandante" with a nice welcome and some flight details.
Routing is via Logrono-Biarritz-Limoges-Paris at maximum 43000 feet.
Cabin crew working our seat is a middle aged woman, service oriented and nice.
Interior and more details
 photo ESPAGNA032014303_zpsa84b64b9.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014304_zps5776a2c5.jpg
The safety card
 photo ESPAGNA032014305_zpsa3812c38.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014306_zps20d84e6a.jpg
What an impressive wing
 photo ESPAGNA032014307_zpse51363f5.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014308_zps2f8a9c9f.jpg
Looks like pretty good this way
 photo ESPAGNA032014309_zps109c8360.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014310_zpsdbaabe14.jpg
Well, Jamon sounds not that perfectly fitting
 photo ESPAGNA032014311_zps87a5974d.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014312_zps5856a259.jpg
Really nice to follow this wing on the way
 photo ESPAGNA032014313_zps45e9ca3b.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014314_zps141ebf15.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014315_zps1c25a0c6.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014316_zpsa3347842.jpg
The approach was, well, interesting to say the least.
A latin woman with a kid close to two years, so it looks like, in the middle block and the kid doesn´t
see any need to be buckled up for landing.
FA´s walking to the woman for several times, the kid cries so loud and strong for minutes till it throws up and also the mother cries. In the end it wasn´t strapped in at touchdown, won. For sure not the everyday needed experience
 photo ESPAGNA032014317_zps2b100948.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014318_zps77e89dc0.jpg
But we made it in the end for the "Flughafen Frankfurt am Main" and the 2800 meters runway "Two-Five-Right" at 16 degrees and also here to my surprise, clear sky
 photo ESPAGNA032014319_zps3a8b3baf.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014320_zps6fb653ee.jpg
All more or less happy but nevertheless safely arrived
 photo ESPAGNA032014321_zpsac5afc6d.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014322_zpsee462670.jpg
Bye now to "La Primera"
 photo ESPAGNA032014323_zps3e6980e6.jpg
The bag was really fast, the shuttle not, so we needed much more time for the car and for the homebase than ever expected, but we made it also in the end!.

The conclusions:
1.)Vueling BCN-MAD: Calm and well fixed in my seat.
2.)LAN MAD-FRA: Comfortable but not for everyone aboard.

And now?.
Well it seems there is no real need to go for Espagna to catch the sun, Alemagna is good, too!:

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

Adios companeros,
and always, take care.
The Tripreporter