Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

Stobby on the way for the island


"Stobby on the way for the island", to be exact, from one island to the other!.

 photo SAM_7455_zpsso2dwyx4.jpg

The routing:*

Service Flybe BE 821 operated by Stobart Air EI-REH
Scheduled:   20.15  //  21.10
Actual:  21.05  //  21.45

This machine spend some time with Binter Canarias, Cimber Air, Aer Arann and finally Stobart Air and is around since 08.11.1991

Another one for special stories:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1338 at all and no. 46 on the ATR72

Here are the airlines checked:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Manchester Airport" it is late in the evening and just a little bit more later due a late incoming plane, sure, we know that´s exactly the reason for the standard pax.
Ok, nothing to complain, made it to the very last bus for Douglas from the "Isle of Man Airport
Purt Aer Vannin". Here are the pictures:
 photo SAM_7450_zpsbzq0fdh1.jpg
 photo SAM_7451_zpsvf34gn96.jpg
 photo SAM_7452_zpsbkeets1i.jpg
 photo SAM_7456_zpslnv7tjzf.jpg
 photo SAM_7457_zpsexel5r8k.jpg
 photo SAM_7458_zpsz5k6tonj.jpg
 photo SAM_7459_zpsczremabd.jpg
 photo SAM_7461_zpsuxqm03hm.jpg
 photo SAM_7462_zps7qttfmp5.jpg
 photo SAM_7463_zps0arvfv1a.jpg
 photo SAM_7464_zpshldy4pgq.jpg
 photo SAM_7465_zpsefbzsnkd.jpg
 photo SAM_7466_zpsgfnd77gv.jpg
 photo SAM_7467_zpsuk06f53a.jpg
 photo SAM_7468_zpsnp1qg3fs.jpg
 photo SAM_7469_zpsvvuxtoed.jpg
 photo SAM_7470_zpsoukg1lyl.jpg
 photo SAM_7471_zpsu2sgtq1k.jpg
 photo SAM_7472_zpsk9ld8jxp.jpg
 photo SAM_7474_zpsukid0pbe.jpg

More to come.
See you. The Tripreporter

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