Montag, 9. Mai 2016

On the way for the island


"On the way for the island", it´s necessary just from time to time!.

 photo SAM_6510_zpsnvgplwjc.jpg

The routing:*

Service Easyjet Switzerland EZS 8430 operated by HB-JYI
Scheduled:   07.00  //  07.30
Actual:   06.55  //  07.15

In the air we are since 09.06.2011 with Easyjet and Easyjet Switzerland

There are no special stories to show

But the stats:
Leg no. 1308 at all and no. 147 on the A319

Here are the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "EuroAirport
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg" early in the morning, now that´s nothing really new to me and heading in direction "Gatwick Airport".
Sure, with a couple of pictures and it looks like there is time enough in between for a little bit more than flying around. Riding a train maybe?:

 photo SAM_6512_zpsetb2qgbr.jpg

 photo SAM_6513_zpsvgrdi96k.jpg

 photo SAM_6515_zpszhntrnah.jpg

 photo SAM_6516_zpsugj6nn5a.jpg

 photo SAM_6518_zpsotn4edbx.jpg

 photo SAM_6519_zpsdb9ivqu9.jpg

 photo SAM_6520_zps61jhmmw1.jpg

 photo SAM_6526_zpscaseqqk7.jpg

 photo SAM_6527_zpskreziehp.jpg

 photo SAM_6528_zpsfepmzqso.jpg

 photo SAM_6531_zpsvar8r7uj.jpg

 photo SAM_6532_zpsv0pq5ita.jpg

 photo SAM_6537_zps4hbnfnp3.jpg

 photo SAM_6540_zpstaou8gbz.jpg

 photo SAM_6541_zpsyg0euyvu.jpg

 photo SAM_6542_zpsfj6rkt4q.jpg

 photo SAM_6543_zpszlm4ly7j.jpg

 photo SAM_6546_zpsol33zxor.jpg

 photo SAM_6547_zpsh9hjtqvk.jpg

 photo SAM_6548_zpsjnzhn6pj.jpg

 photo SAM_6549_zpswo1oyezq.jpg

 photo SAM_6550_zpsqlqgfhg2.jpg

 photo SAM_6552_zpsylzhkvsj.jpg

 photo SAM_6553_zps7lqvf9cy.jpg

 photo SAM_6556_zpspmmstrdg.jpg

 photo SAM_6560_zpsrqcbrzuq.jpg

 photo SAM_6561_zpschban4g3.jpg

 photo SAM_6563_zps3sull7gk.jpg

 photo SAM_6565_zpsr23qltpc.jpg

 photo SAM_6569_zpsziw2ecg3.jpg

 photo SAM_6570_zpsnwlghigb.jpg

 photo SAM_6571_zpsczfr80wq.jpg

 photo SAM_6572_zpsz8knyw9v.jpg

 photo SAM_6573_zpszgugb8ga.jpg

 photo SAM_6575_zpswsjxyzun.jpg

More to come.
Take care. The Tripreporter

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