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Fine dining in ... Graz!


"Fine dining in ... Graz", sure and a Fokker in between!.

 photo SAM_6378_zpscvxh07nh.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1512 operated by Helvetic Airways HB-JVF
Scheduled:   09.00  //  10.10
Actual:   09.05  //  10.00

This is a former American Airlines plane, in the air since 11.08.1993 and further to Helvetic

And there is also a story or more to show!:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1302 at all and no. 54 on the Fokker 100

Here are the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Flughafen Zuerich" it is and heading for the "Flughafen Graz" on this somewhat oldfashioned machine. Pictures?. Sure!:

 photo SAM_6364_zpsxc5uim93.jpg

 photo SAM_6366_zpshy0eg47d.jpg

 photo SAM_6367_zps1n5qmekh.jpg

 photo SAM_6368_zpsiigvwzlb.jpg

 photo SAM_6370_zpsy3eiy3rr.jpg

 photo SAM_6373_zpsfmdffvum.jpg

 photo SAM_6374_zpsfb35ko3x.jpg

 photo SAM_6375_zpsnkkdxtqx.jpg

 photo SAM_6377_zpsnbnmzfbg.jpg

 photo SAM_6379_zpszpxadcnr.jpg

 photo SAM_6380_zpsdvwxlku0.jpg

 photo SAM_6381_zpsxxtuusgx.jpg

 photo SAM_6382_zpscprmdcme.jpg

 photo SAM_6383_zpsdx3sx1o0.jpg

 photo SAM_6384_zps8ygjgzmd.jpg

 photo SAM_6385_zpsfjc194v7.jpg

 photo SAM_6386_zpscol2pbu2.jpg

 photo SAM_6387_zpsetlx9qce.jpg

 photo SAM_6389_zpsxitq3dtw.jpg

 photo SAM_6391_zpsq6txzh2o.jpg

 photo SAM_6392_zpsvezbpvea.jpg

 photo SAM_6394_zpsc4abwfxf.jpg

 photo SAM_6395_zpsqmgvchqh.jpg

 photo SAM_6396_zpstaicy6qt.jpg

 photo SAM_6397_zpsd39bw50u.jpg

 photo SAM_6398_zpswbsjufuy.jpg

 photo SAM_6399_zpsyhdiscxl.jpg

 photo SAM_6400_zpsdvwi2hqr.jpg

 photo SAM_6401_zpssctwxazn.jpg

 photo SAM_6402_zpst1h43kkt.jpg

 photo SAM_6403_zpsgyjlmmwn.jpg

 photo SAM_6404_zpstnl4arjy.jpg

 photo SAM_6406_zpsflwxkwd5.jpg

 photo SAM_6407_zpsiioap5np.jpg

More to come.
Bis dann. The Tripreporter

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