Montag, 23. Januar 2017

What about an upgrade on AirEuropa?

Buenos dias,

"What about an upgrade on AirEuropa?", now we will see what´s going on!.

 photo SAM_1013_zpspktvppnr.jpg

The routing:*

Service AirEuropa UX 7317 operated by EC-LIN
Scheduled:  16.35  //  17.40
Actual:  16.25  //  17.30

Original we are with AirEuropa since 10.12.2010

Here is also a special story:

And sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1479 at all and no. 8 on the Embraer 195

And now we see the latest visited airports with a new entry, VGO and no. 362:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

A nice place it was, the "Aeropuerto de Vigo-Peinador" especially when the sun is out and it is at least a little bit warmer than in middle Europe. Out for the "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas" with a couple of pictures right now:

 photo SAM_1009_zps11fsdua5.jpg

 photo SAM_1010_zpseuk4zuvn.jpg

 photo SAM_1011_zpswsqi7anw.jpg

 photo SAM_1012_zps4a9yxbt7.jpg

 photo SAM_1014_zpsjjh0djkf.jpg

 photo SAM_1015_zpsi8nwt5xj.jpg

 photo SAM_1016_zpsqzk6ximu.jpg

 photo SAM_1017_zpsehm5rdng.jpg

 photo SAM_1019_zpsiinahkkj.jpg

 photo SAM_1020_zpsdool3awk.jpg

 photo SAM_1022_zpsqnez2b9e.jpg

 photo SAM_1023_zpspuw88u2l.jpg

 photo SAM_1024_zps7vsyolg2.jpg

 photo SAM_1026_zpsu6sjmhco.jpg

 photo SAM_1027_zpsu3s1mlxb.jpg

 photo SAM_1028_zpsrcykvtsi.jpg

 photo SAM_1029_zpsxu8t65ya.jpg

 photo SAM_1030_zpsmqgl7nyw.jpg

 photo SAM_1031_zps3a9qgyw7.jpg

 photo SAM_1032_zps609sifp0.jpg

It seems the Vigo route is a busy one spanish domestic. A 100% load in Eco means someone should uploaded for Biz. Upfront seating for me,
free drinks and also something to eat was on offer. Well, it´s Espagna and that means the veg offers are limited!. Superb nice service in the biz cabin, too.

More to come.
Adios. The Tripreporter.

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