Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

Here is my travel year 2016 in review

Here is my travel year 2016 in review.

Most important, not everything worked out really like the original plan, but the year was safe and healthy to me. Also when I´ve travelled down to Greece, see the sun in Ibiza, some times En Francaise, experienced the Kosovo, got surprised in a positive way in Santiago de Compostela, a very short hop above the Lake Constance and Round the world in a week, fairly enough for me!:*

Legs total since 1988:  1474

Legs total in 2016:  128

Visited airports: Total 361

Airlines checked: Total 212

Plane types recorded: Total 97

Visited countries: Total 66

And upcoming, hopefully, you know!:

1.) After shopping in Prague
2.) For Galicia, Vigo maybe
3.) The capital of Castile and Leon
4.) Domestic, sure out of the ordinary
5.) Important cookies in ... Scotland
6.) Not easy, but definitely new!

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