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Solidarnosc in Szczecin

Dzien dobry,

"Solidarnosc in Szczecin", but how to pronounce these city?.

 photo SAM_0766_zpst8igmgxn.jpg

The routing:*

Service LOT Polish Airlines LO 3934 operated by SP-EQC
Scheduled:  15.05  //  16.10
Actual:  14.50  //  16.00

This plane is airside since 23.05.2012 with Eurolot and LOT

Also here, no special stories are visible

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1469 at all and no. 60 on the Dash 8-400

There is something new on the latest vsited airports map, warm welcomed, SZZ shows no. 361:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Well, how to go from Berlin to the
new place, "Port Lotniczy Szczecin–Goleniów
im. NSZZ Solidarność?.
Take a train, maybe. The PKP, "Polskie Koleje Państwowe" do it, delivered me to Szczecin. Good for a couple of pictures and on the next one for the airport, not that really easy with the staff talking polish only. And also when I`am in Goleniow there was no sign for the airport. Stay on the train and lucky me, there is a train route directly for the airport where the train stops right in the wood and also in the middle of nowhere, you know!.
Onwards for the "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie" and yes, here we see the pictures:

 photo SAM_0747_zpsqmivsis1.jpg

 photo SAM_0748_zps8xhfuszk.jpg

 photo SAM_0750_zpspuz5h4uy.jpg

 photo SAM_0751_zps2drqgnpw.jpg

 photo SAM_0752_zpsvqlizyhm.jpg

 photo SAM_0753_zpsagkf1fab.jpg

 photo SAM_0754_zpsucb1czbu.jpg

 photo SAM_0755_zpsd7r948p8.jpg

 photo SAM_0756_zpsutgbjv8c.jpg

 photo SAM_0757_zpsxhoq2pq5.jpg

 photo SAM_0758_zpszbf3vfyd.jpg

 photo SAM_0760_zps8jijqvqe.jpg

 photo SAM_0761_zpsr2kelwzy.jpg

 photo SAM_0763_zpsjw4iscvm.jpg

 photo SAM_0764_zpsi1wfjzyc.jpg

 photo SAM_0765_zpste8ejvsp.jpg

 photo SAM_0767_zpsineyuiw9.jpg

 photo SAM_0768_zpsjd3ovpmc.jpg

 photo SAM_0769_zpsfaqucre0.jpg

 photo SAM_0771_zpsryzxqlau.jpg

 photo SAM_0773_zpssw0dcx2a.jpg

 photo SAM_0774_zpslkfba4lt.jpg

 photo SAM_0776_zps7fspxixw.jpg

 photo SAM_0777_zpscl9rdmuq.jpg

 photo SAM_0778_zps0b7vmff2.jpg

 photo SAM_0780_zpsrfdkmk0p.jpg

 photo SAM_0781_zpsgpvkzkgi.jpg

 photo SAM_0782_zpsqxniti0s.jpg

 photo SAM_0783_zps583y9fkw.jpg

 photo SAM_0785_zpsxw1uasoj.jpg

 photo SAM_0786_zpsrvqbdcjj.jpg

More to come.
Zadbac. The Tripreporter.

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