Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

Thunderstorms and delays


"Thunderstorms and delays", but it really goes in the end!.

 photo SAM_9162_zpsyca517gf.jpg

The routing:*

Service Germanwings 4U 2019 operated by D-AKNG

Scheduled:  20.55  //  22.10
Actual:  22.00  //  23.00

Since 28.02.1997 in the air we are with just a bit variety, Eurowings, Germanwings, Lufthansa Italia and Lufthansa itself

Here is also a special story:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1406 at all and no. 157 on the A319

Now we see the visited countries and trust me, there is also something new on this map.
Never been to Slovakia before, call it no. 65:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Now we should leave the "Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld" soon again. Soon?. No information at the gate. Just the screen with a new delayed departure time.
Later on the captain explained it with thunderstorms around our destination and the airport was completely closed. So, we are more or less lucky to fly out at all today. And not that long thereafter the route for the "Flughafen Stuttgart –
Manfred Rommel Flughafen" was completely cancelled, more lucky me this way!.
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_9163_zpsbillwyep.jpg

 photo SAM_9164_zpskrro0kvh.jpg

 photo SAM_9166_zpsorcavkpq.jpg

 photo SAM_9167_zpshjf7bcuc.jpg

 photo SAM_9168_zpsmcwqblei.jpg

 photo SAM_9171_zpsiwn1ahpg.jpg

 photo SAM_9172_zpskpxekt5n.jpg

 photo SAM_9173_zpsf9qyrld4.jpg

More to come.
Bis dann. The Tripreporter

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