Donnerstag, 1. September 2016

Eastflight to the isle


"Eastflight to the isle", but this is definitely more a northwestern routing!.

 photo SAM_8885_zpskxxpwbgv.jpg

The routing:*

Service British Airways BA 3284 operated by Eastern Airways for BA CityFlyer G-CDEB

Scheduled:   12.30  //  13.40
Actual:  12.40  //  13.45

This is a former Crossair and Saab itself machine, airside since 30.04.1996

Here is also a special story:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1396 at all and no. 12 on the S2000

And the latest visited airports are here:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "London City Airport" we go and when I see the performance around the four flights of the day, one cancelled, two delayed, it looks like the right decision to do this one!.
For the "Purt Aer Vannin" or also the "Isle of Man Airport" it is right now.
With the usual set of pictures:

 photo SAM_8869_zpsbwh4g0xq.jpg

 photo SAM_8871_zpsbqwmaykj.jpg

 photo SAM_8873_zpsfxupvixz.jpg

 photo SAM_8874_zpsbisac4su.jpg

 photo SAM_8875_zps9il2ltz7.jpg

 photo SAM_8878_zpsf3ejo47h.jpg

 photo SAM_8879_zpsubkrakku.jpg

 photo SAM_8880_zpsnrvhqiwv.jpg

 photo SAM_8881_zpssws0oott.jpg

 photo SAM_8883_zpsrakbh2us.jpg

 photo SAM_8884_zpsymcdryox.jpg

 photo SAM_8886_zpsnfw1kjw3.jpg

 photo SAM_8887_zpst1gksjpx.jpg

 photo SAM_8888_zpsnsni7sbo.jpg

 photo SAM_8889_zpspv8cv7jv.jpg

 photo SAM_8890_zps3tq0rip9.jpg

 photo SAM_8891_zpswkyqrpt8.jpg

 photo SAM_8892_zpsceekxxib.jpg

 photo SAM_8893_zpsc868nf89.jpg

 photo SAM_8894_zps6mg9u4is.jpg

 photo SAM_8895_zps1e1kom4p.jpg

 photo SAM_8896_zpswj8v0zih.jpg

 photo SAM_8897_zpsb7o4qean.jpg

 photo SAM_8898_zps0ao1c1fh.jpg

 photo SAM_8899_zps3lu2tvo7.jpg

 photo SAM_8900_zpsshppd9al.jpg

 photo SAM_8901_zpstujazglc.jpg

 photo SAM_8902_zpskz4xyucr.jpg

 photo SAM_8903_zpsoebnkwn4.jpg

 photo SAM_8904_zpsghkfbz7i.jpg

 photo SAM_8905_zpsbpxu24vp.jpg

 photo SAM_8906_zps66eom7vt.jpg

 photo SAM_8907_zpsixprq5sy.jpg

 photo SAM_8908_zpscs7qmnbm.jpg

 photo SAM_8909_zpsl9aeb8gd.jpg

 photo SAM_8910_zps0ozfbdzz.jpg

 photo SAM_8911_zpsdegbylje.jpg

 photo SAM_8912_zpsbdw8qqfl.jpg

 photo SAM_8913_zpsnbf8i8rl.jpg

 photo SAM_8914_zpsde5rjxsd.jpg

 photo SAM_8915_zpsyxdsuern.jpg

More to come.
See you. The Tripreporter

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