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An unique inaugural service


"An unique inaugural service" it was, definitely and some mountains are also visible!.

 photo SAM_8965_zps0hbgygou.jpg

The routing:*

Service Etihad Regional F7 028 operated by Darwin Airline HB-IZH

Scheduled:  12.00  //  12.35
Actual:  12.15  // 12.50

This machine is HB registered all the time since 28.02.1995 with Crossair, Swiss International Airlines and Darwin Airlines

There is also a special story visible:

Here are the stats:
Leg no. 1399 at all and no. 13 on the Saab 2000

The latest visited airports are here:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the Lago and the mountains around the "Aeroporto di Lugano" and heading for a couple more mountains and a real special approach for the "Aéroport de Sion".
A place with usually Biz and General Aviation traffic only.
Sure, here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_8960_zpsmxkiixfg.jpg

 photo SAM_8961_zpst4r0gsuu.jpg

 photo SAM_8962_zps3kgx4l2l.jpg

 photo SAM_8963_zpsfs4ue0nz.jpg

 photo SAM_8964_zpsmd66pjh4.jpg

 photo SAM_8966_zpsfocspgcb.jpg

 photo SAM_8967_zpsntsiqy7b.jpg

 photo SAM_8968_zpsyhy4unbj.jpg

 photo SAM_8969_zpsgfuzgjdv.jpg

 photo SAM_8970_zpsgq6um4jw.jpg

 photo SAM_8971_zpshlcsuixd.jpg

 photo SAM_8972_zpsitvgpwro.jpg

 photo SAM_8973_zpsmahb7wp6.jpg

 photo SAM_8975_zpslakzjzjo.jpg

 photo SAM_8976_zpss4dsktwb.jpg

 photo SAM_8977_zpsdxehidqb.jpg

 photo SAM_8978_zpst1jtcfef.jpg

 photo SAM_8979_zpscwrsm8gg.jpg

 photo SAM_8980_zpsikyk2xpg.jpg

 photo SAM_8981_zpskp8ddqq5.jpg

 photo SAM_8982_zpsxv68ekv2.jpg

 photo SAM_8983_zpsmcphh51d.jpg

 photo SAM_8984_zpssxliwr9o.jpg

 photo SAM_8985_zps9ervwgog.jpg

 photo SAM_8986_zpsacalcmds.jpg

 photo SAM_8987_zps4cme0ms8.jpg

 photo SAM_8988_zpscl65jiqk.jpg

 photo SAM_8989_zpsk9yksdrw.jpg

 photo SAM_8990_zpsufjalxdw.jpg

 photo SAM_8991_zpsennrxpa3.jpg

 photo SAM_8992_zpsjbtpawne.jpg

 photo SAM_8993_zpsyyjtwg9y.jpg

 photo SAM_8994_zps4rel4aos.jpg

 photo SAM_8995_zpslnwdmjsl.jpg

 photo SAM_8996_zps9kc9hzui.jpg

 photo SAM_8997_zps8vizisua.jpg

 photo SAM_8998_zpsr47cckra.jpg

 photo SAM_8999_zpsmgxyetxh.jpg

 photo SAM_9000_zps440hczek.jpg

 photo SAM_9001_zpsvuk7tg0i.jpg

 photo SAM_9002_zpsg0fhbggh.jpg

 photo SAM_9003_zps2ukovcof.jpg

 photo SAM_9005_zpsbhxotdse.jpg

 photo SAM_9006_zps9v6cbpyk.jpg

 photo SAM_9007_zpsdwsulrwb.jpg

 photo SAM_9008_zpsn9zuctqx.jpg

 photo SAM_9009_zpsbfukuxnn.jpg

 photo SAM_9010_zpsaoofrzhs.jpg

More to come.
Bis dann. The Tripreporter

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