Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

The 2017 summary

Well, it seems the last flight of the year 2017 is already gone.
As usual, here is a summary.
125 flights done, enough or not, it´s done!.
Some specials around the year?.
Visited Moldavia, definitely a special place, for the very first time.
Added 19 new aiports to the log, Tanger, Morocco as the most exotic place.
Santa Maria, the Acores and Donegal, Ireland, both a real plus for me.
10 new airlines checked and 3 new plane types, with in terms of airline and plane type
seems also the most exotic in one occasion,
Ukraine, Motor Sich and the Antonov An-140.
The last time on the Airbus A310 with SATA was also something out of the ordinary.*

Legs total since 1988:  1599

Legs total in 2017:  125

Visited airports: Total 381

Airlines checked: Total 222

Plane types recorded: Total 101

Visited countries: Total 67

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