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Delay on the big bird


"Delay on the big bird", shortened the connecting time till...?.

 photo SAM_3906_zpsdgrnxjqn.jpg

The routing:*

Service Air Europa UX 2006 operated by AirEuropa  EC-LXR
Scheduled:   15.00  //  16.20
Actual:   16.10  //  17.20

Call it an history, in the air since 16.03.2010 with Iberworld, PAL Airlines, Orbest Orizonia Airlines,          XL Airways France and Air Europa

There are no special stories visible on this machine

But definitely, the stats:
Leg no. 1584 at all and no. 11 on the Airbus A330-300

The early 200 visited airports are here:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Time enough for a visit to the Sala VIP at the "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez
Madrid-Barajas". Pretty ontime at the gate for the "Aeroport de Barcelona–El Prat". No boarding action. What`s going on?.
But here are finally the pictures:

 photo SAM_3890_zpssqxkdx07.jpg

 photo SAM_3891_zpsvrfip5oh.jpg

 photo SAM_3892_zpsbs9t5lxe.jpg

 photo SAM_3893_zpss6x6onlx.jpg

 photo SAM_3894_zps6ld0i91y.jpg

 photo SAM_3896_zpszto1ijgm.jpg

 photo SAM_3897_zpsrdl2amzc.jpg

 photo SAM_3898_zpsxxmsqpvt.jpg

 photo SAM_3900_zpszq9vixgv.jpg

 photo SAM_3902_zpsydmvb4q3.jpg

 photo SAM_3903_zpsc3jcssd4.jpg

 photo SAM_3904_zpsiftgbnra.jpg

 photo SAM_3907_zpsv7hi8iyy.jpg

 photo SAM_3910_zpsfffssdfv.jpg

 photo SAM_3911_zpsbetuzijm.jpg

 photo SAM_3912_zpsfduug9xy.jpg

 photo SAM_3913_zpsdafzd4lr.jpg

 photo SAM_3914_zpsmbxokzwo.jpg

 photo SAM_3915_zpsyu7pdh56.jpg

 photo SAM_3916_zpsgq6ywgwq.jpg

 photo SAM_3917_zpsj9gi7yuu.jpg

 photo SAM_3918_zpsgmvhst6k.jpg

 photo SAM_3919_zpsaymaiwa3.jpg

 photo SAM_3920_zps8ggfcge8.jpg

 photo SAM_3921_zpsgclawtqq.jpg

 photo SAM_3922_zpswxiexylt.jpg

 photo SAM_3923_zpsidvmsmfx.jpg

 photo SAM_3924_zpscmcpu4tu.jpg

 photo SAM_3925_zpsfpvc99jg.jpg

 photo SAM_3926_zpsbubbxn6e.jpg

 photo SAM_3927_zpsxmycrpet.jpg

Originally scheduled was the Airbus A330-200. This one was not available. Tech or simply to small for all the pax to re-accomodate from earlier delayed services`?. You never know!. But anyway it needs some time till the "cold" A330-300 was ready to go. Arrival at my destination 1 hour late. Connecting time was therefore almost gone. Thanx god, Online-Check-In works, the same terminal, no extra security. So we will see if it´s possible to catch the flight?.

More to come.
Hasta entonces.
The Tripreporter.

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