Samstag, 2. Dezember 2017

Magnificent for the big mountains


"Magnificent for the big mountains" absolutely worth it to go this way during a sunny day.

 photo SAM_3424_zpswavorlhy.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 2902 operated by Austrian Airlines OE-LGQ

Scheduled:   09.20  //  10.00
Actual:   09.20  //  10.00

This machine is in the air since 10.07.1998 with Bombardier, Hydro-Quebec, Augsburg Airways and Austrian Airlines

There are no special stories visible

But for sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1569 at all and no. 63 on the Dash 8-400

Here are the early 200 visited airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Flughafen Zürich" is the way to go right now. The Ticino it is and the "Aeroporto di Lugano".
A couple of pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_3402_zps0ie2mfyy.jpg

 photo SAM_3403_zpsxazakycw.jpg

 photo SAM_3404_zps307anhav.jpg

 photo SAM_3406_zpslvcl6hxz.jpg

 photo SAM_3407_zpsgr2j5ryn.jpg

 photo SAM_3408_zps9fsqbiet.jpg

 photo SAM_3410_zpsdgwpefoc.jpg

 photo SAM_3411_zpslojlf85w.jpg

 photo SAM_3412_zpsappstlix.jpg

 photo SAM_3413_zps6ho4pnis.jpg

 photo SAM_3414_zpszh5qvfz0.jpg

 photo SAM_3415_zpsoqrzw4mv.jpg

 photo SAM_3416_zpsw3ogccyl.jpg

 photo SAM_3417_zps0ys1p8ng.jpg

 photo SAM_3418_zpsa3q7huai.jpg

 photo SAM_3419_zps42icvqwh.jpg

 photo SAM_3420_zps3txcztls.jpg

 photo SAM_3421_zpsanx4ap8i.jpg

 photo SAM_3422_zpsus559jxi.jpg

 photo SAM_3423_zpssrqo3wuc.jpg

 photo SAM_3426_zpsijadj8pc.jpg

 photo SAM_3427_zpsegzoxjxx.jpg

 photo SAM_3428_zps4jnifczu.jpg

 photo SAM_3429_zpsix339ado.jpg

 photo SAM_3432_zpsneinnkbf.jpg

 photo SAM_3433_zpsxzap9gkl.jpg

 photo SAM_3434_zpsg2lijeck.jpg

 photo SAM_3435_zps8sh6h0he.jpg

 photo SAM_3436_zpsmn6vscdi.jpg

Superb sunny and clear, calm weather conditions. The plane less loaded and ontime. Sounds good for some quality time in Ticino!.

More to come.
The Tripreporter.

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