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Aegean?. Sure, but far from Germany!


"Aegean?. Sure, but far from Germany" and definitely nice this way!.

 photo SAM_3724_zps1khrodjs.jpg

The routing:*

Service Aegean Airlines A3 825 operated by SX-DVQ
Scheduled:   11.10  //  14.45
Actual:   11.10  //  14.35

Original we are, with Aegean Airlines since 24.06.2008

Nothing special is to notice with this machine

But certainly, the stats:
Leg no. 1579 at all and no. 199 on the Airbus A320

Here we are with the visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Starting a new trip with the first leg out of the "Flughafen Zürich".
Heading for the "Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos".
And the pictures are also here:

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 photo SAM_3715_zpsjlsoaebz.jpg

 photo SAM_3718_zpspaoisaku.jpg

 photo SAM_3719_zpsz5gzzlto.jpg

 photo SAM_3720_zpss3v5an9y.jpg

 photo SAM_3721_zps1hekotc5.jpg

 photo SAM_3722_zpspouqiswi.jpg

 photo SAM_3723_zps8ugqnmyg.jpg

 photo SAM_3725_zpskkd2ukpm.jpg

 photo SAM_3726_zpsaanw2ru0.jpg

 photo SAM_3727_zps0iieutqb.jpg

 photo SAM_3728_zpsqleq1vsn.jpg

 photo SAM_3729_zpseynrdzwf.jpg

 photo SAM_3730_zpsxfnk9v4f.jpg

 photo SAM_3731_zpshvfwzgsb.jpg

 photo SAM_3732_zps9pndc2ec.jpg

 photo SAM_3733_zpsrze5dz9h.jpg

 photo SAM_3734_zpsvxspxhrk.jpg

 photo SAM_3735_zpsvw6cidmi.jpg

 photo SAM_3736_zpsbnppov9z.jpg

 photo SAM_3737_zps87yvdvih.jpg

 photo SAM_3738_zpsvmsp0yrp.jpg

 photo SAM_3739_zpsjesvhqb3.jpg

 photo SAM_3740_zpshjsxkbz7.jpg

 photo SAM_3741_zpssq86nowd.jpg

 photo SAM_3742_zpsrjmk7ece.jpg

 photo SAM_3743_zpsmq8dlb8l.jpg

 photo SAM_3744_zps9gkfwz2f.jpg

 photo SAM_3745_zpsershyoir.jpg

 photo SAM_3746_zpsossfdlke.jpg

 photo SAM_3748_zps6eyp9iib.jpg

 photo SAM_3749_zps7uwyfjsz.jpg

And the sun is definitely where it should be. In Greece!.

More to come.
Tha sas doúme sýntoma.
The Tripreporter.

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