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Who is Seve Ballesteros?

Buen dia,

"Who is Seve Ballesteros?". Now, we will see!.

 photo SAM_1623_zpsccxyeg8g.jpg

The routing:*

Service Iberia IB 8871 operated by Air Nostrum EC-JZT

Scheduled:  14.00  //  15.00
Actual:   14.00  //  15.00

An original it is, with Air Nostrum only since 29.01.2007

No special stories are visible

But certainly, the stats:
Leg no. 1501 at all and no. 36 on the CR9

The actual visited airports map showing something new. No. 366 it is with SDR:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

A really swift connection it was at the "Aeropuerto Seve Ballesteros - Santander", but it works. Out for the
"Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_1590_zpsfakh1eql.jpg

 photo SAM_1591_zpsxnv7rvj7.jpg

 photo SAM_1593_zpsa0gspx2b.jpg

 photo SAM_1594_zpslueztytu.jpg

 photo SAM_1595_zpsaptlo3bk.jpg

 photo SAM_1596_zps1iiejdzn.jpg

 photo SAM_1598_zps4qfnfopt.jpg

 photo SAM_1599_zpsy91vemvr.jpg

 photo SAM_1600_zps7svzjg2k.jpg

 photo SAM_1602_zpscfuayjlz.jpg

 photo SAM_1603_zpsxzogsis8.jpg

 photo SAM_1605_zpsrmkamshz.jpg

 photo SAM_1607_zps44dbtws7.jpg

 photo SAM_1608_zpsjh0nvtt0.jpg

 photo SAM_1609_zpspycxrxoq.jpg

 photo SAM_1610_zpst9r6bmex.jpg

 photo SAM_1611_zpsqof3tibj.jpg

 photo SAM_1612_zpsati5b48k.jpg

 photo SAM_1613_zpsfgp8cibf.jpg

 photo SAM_1614_zpsezcvepxg.jpg

 photo SAM_1617_zpsviaapinu.jpg

 photo SAM_1619_zps4yuny85s.jpg

 photo SAM_1620_zpsbpvcbhix.jpg

 photo SAM_1621_zpsmpblotac.jpg

 photo SAM_1622_zpswivjowea.jpg

 photo SAM_1626_zps7vepizcx.jpg

What about Seve Ballesteros?. A professional golfer, born in Cantabria, a world No.1. So it seems worth it to call the airport about him.
The flight itself was well loaded, ontime, good for my quick connections, beside a loud, a really loud group of spanish men. Better do not talk more about it!.

More to come.
Hasta entonces. The Tripreporter.

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