Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

The exit row for a new airport


"The exit row for a new airport", sure, warm welcomed this way.

 photo SAM_1693_zpszekokos7.jpg

The routing:*

Service Ryanair FR 2834 operated by EI-FIP
Scheduled:  11.35  //  13.50
Actual:   11.35  //  13.50

An Ryanair original it is, airside since 01.07.2015

Nothing special is to show here

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1504 at all and no. 106 on the B738

And here are the latest visited airports. Is there something new on the map?. Sure, no. 367 and CRL:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

One more bus connection for the old terminal, it works well also this time. Leaving the "Aeropuerto de Barcelona–El Prat" soon thereafter again. Heading out for something new, the "Aéroport de Charleroi Bruxelles Sud". The pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_1660_zpsalzismrf.jpg

 photo SAM_1661_zpsnqelncmw.jpg

 photo SAM_1663_zps73dfcukx.jpg

 photo SAM_1664_zps10b3uy8p.jpg

 photo SAM_1666_zpsl0uapibi.jpg

 photo SAM_1667_zpsfq3rkz9e.jpg

 photo SAM_1668_zpschnx42rh.jpg

 photo SAM_1670_zpstgifxnxk.jpg

 photo SAM_1671_zps1ystmrkt.jpg

 photo SAM_1672_zpsbe2eyoiq.jpg

 photo SAM_1674_zpsj0nj9kga.jpg

 photo SAM_1675_zps2ls9k9dt.jpg

 photo SAM_1676_zpsxa7vs3bf.jpg

 photo SAM_1677_zpsejtleovm.jpg

 photo SAM_1678_zpsq1jwyuom.jpg

 photo SAM_1679_zpszfej6dsz.jpg

 photo SAM_1680_zpsrngcajfl.jpg

 photo SAM_1681_zps0xvxp3rj.jpg

 photo SAM_1682_zps5cf3eiax.jpg

 photo SAM_1683_zpsl4uulkw3.jpg

 photo SAM_1684_zpsxubkiozw.jpg

 photo SAM_1685_zps9sv586ma.jpg

 photo SAM_1687_zpstknjqdxm.jpg

 photo SAM_1688_zpsh5pcvoxx.jpg

 photo SAM_1689_zpsmgcx6djv.jpg

 photo SAM_1690_zpsnxitqdpt.jpg

 photo SAM_1691_zpstlruaxac.jpg

 photo SAM_1692_zpshqoj2riy.jpg

 photo SAM_1695_zpsgltbiym4.jpg

 photo SAM_1696_zpsfljw7yi4.jpg

 photo SAM_1697_zpsstginbcn.jpg

 photo SAM_1699_zpsjuxwdfrf.jpg

 photo SAM_1700_zpseowviarj.jpg

 photo SAM_1702_zpsqhdmqxps.jpg

Well, do not count me with "The best". But anyway, the exit row and three seats for me again, just one week after the first experience this way, an ontime service, the fare was cheap and the captain talkactive.
Sounds like a nice flight, isn´t it?.

More to come.
A bientot. The Tripreporter.

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