Samstag, 26. November 2016

Flying like Robin Hood


"Flying like Robin Hood", at least for Robin Hood Airport!.

 photo SAM_9807_zpsigqrl0aj.jpg

The routing:*

Service Flybe BE 4422 operated by G-FBEN

Scheduled:  11.05  //  12.05
Actual:  11.00  //  11.50

Airside we are since 18.10.2008 with Flybe and Aurigny Air Services

There are no special stories to show here

And the stats:
Leg no. 1430 at all and no. 6 on the Embraer E195

Here are the actual visited airports with something warm welcomed new,
no. 353 and DSA:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Flughafen Berlin-Tegel
Otto Lilienthal“ is it right now after a well timed, lucky me, connection.
Feeling like Robin Hood, isn´t it, at least when you´re destination is called: "Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield".
Sure,also this time with a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_9772_zpsuymefjz0.jpg

 photo SAM_9773_zpsicped49d.jpg

 photo SAM_9774_zpshvawydvw.jpg

 photo SAM_9777_zpscdoiq5x0.jpg

 photo SAM_9778_zps11bsunlv.jpg

 photo SAM_9779_zpsgtnandub.jpg

 photo SAM_9780_zpsgxiyspar.jpg

 photo SAM_9782_zpswsn4fwws.jpg

 photo SAM_9783_zpsybsptojk.jpg

 photo SAM_9784_zpsour694eh.jpg

 photo SAM_9785_zpsirtpdiuk.jpg

 photo SAM_9786_zpsb6dwwli5.jpg

 photo SAM_9787_zpsnxq2q5ic.jpg

 photo SAM_9788_zpsn3sdchlf.jpg

 photo SAM_9789_zpsdveako2m.jpg

 photo SAM_9790_zpsva2l1kng.jpg

 photo SAM_9791_zps1kaoo8zl.jpg

 photo SAM_9792_zpsbkhwk0re.jpg

 photo SAM_9793_zpsaepf1jrd.jpg

 photo SAM_9794_zps6qfo1ufc.jpg

 photo SAM_9795_zpscntvy8bh.jpg

 photo SAM_9796_zps3bx11o8h.jpg

 photo SAM_9797_zpswajxz2wf.jpg

 photo SAM_9798_zpsdz0hk8tl.jpg

 photo SAM_9799_zpszmkf3cxc.jpg

 photo SAM_9800_zpsyfna9nwi.jpg

 photo SAM_9801_zpsh1l6komw.jpg

 photo SAM_9802_zps1afguysr.jpg

 photo SAM_9803_zpsorzwjueb.jpg

 photo SAM_9804_zpsdqsnbscg.jpg

 photo SAM_9806_zpsh86tle1s.jpg

 photo SAM_9808_zpss9xagiku.jpg

More to come.
See you. The Tripreporter.

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