Dienstag, 29. November 2016

The Freja Viking for something new

Bra dag,

"The Freja Viking for something new" and sunny it was, too!.

 photo SAM_9890_zpsuuczdiz5.jpg

The routing:*

Service SAS SK 177 operated by LN-RRH

Scheduled:  11.30  //  12.35
Actual:  11.30  //  12.25

Original we are with SAS, in the air since 02.06.2009

Nothing special is to notice here

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1433 at all and no. 100 on the Boeing 737-800

And now we see the latest visited airports and this time with something new,
AGH and no. 354:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Stockholm-Arlanda flygplats" short thereafter again, but no hurries, it works perfectly this time.
The "Ängelholm–Helsingborg flygplats" is the place to go right now.
And just a little bit further later on by  SJ.
A couple of pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_9855_zpslwgjkaeb.jpg

 photo SAM_9856_zpsbeyvtnnr.jpg

 photo SAM_9857_zpsgaj6mosw.jpg

 photo SAM_9858_zpsldvbg0cv.jpg

 photo SAM_9859_zps1mfkhj0i.jpg

 photo SAM_9860_zps0ypbccd5.jpg

 photo SAM_9862_zpsh0qqj2zi.jpg

 photo SAM_9863_zpsujmmsnys.jpg

 photo SAM_9864_zpsklzro30k.jpg

 photo SAM_9865_zpsi855dbza.jpg

 photo SAM_9867_zpsuddkqn9t.jpg

 photo SAM_9868_zpsb6vmoh0m.jpg

 photo SAM_9869_zpsek7v5r3x.jpg

 photo SAM_9870_zpsukmkpael.jpg

 photo SAM_9871_zpsuxqcd3xb.jpg

 photo SAM_9872_zpsmomhocwg.jpg

 photo SAM_9873_zpsteszv6af.jpg

 photo SAM_9874_zpsihgorxom.jpg

 photo SAM_9875_zpskqwvhzzv.jpg

 photo SAM_9876_zpswevnpjmy.jpg

 photo SAM_9877_zps99l4fwv3.jpg

 photo SAM_9879_zpsorlvkkqh.jpg

 photo SAM_9880_zps63k2tzs5.jpg

 photo SAM_9881_zpsneankjuh.jpg

 photo SAM_9882_zpsgwlt413a.jpg

 photo SAM_9883_zps5nmu6asz.jpg

 photo SAM_9884_zpscspnacc0.jpg

 photo SAM_9885_zps9lkrnhdo.jpg

 photo SAM_9887_zps9ybpi08m.jpg

 photo SAM_9888_zpss0trhoku.jpg

 photo SAM_9889_zpsbqp6fwfq.jpg

 photo SAM_9891_zps0ts2fxyb.jpg

 photo SAM_9892_zpsyfkwlbla.jpg

 photo SAM_9893_zpshrikpyno.jpg

 photo SAM_9894_zpsmygoipec.jpg

 photo SAM_9895_zpsebxcvxyf.jpg

 photo SAM_9896_zpsxpaydbac.jpg

 photo SAM_9897_zpsfygbebi1.jpg

 photo SAM_9899_zpska8lryt4.jpg

 photo SAM_9900_zpsf9miqwhl.jpg

 photo SAM_9901_zpswmpfvotv.jpg

 photo SAM_9902_zpsbkzhvab8.jpg

 photo SAM_9903_zpspuqpisbg.jpg

 photo SAM_9904_zpsjcrbqgwl.jpg

 photo SAM_9905_zpsvqxjpigg.jpg

More to come.
Ta hand om dig. The Tripreporter.

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