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The A345 on schedule for something new, really?


"The A345 on schedule for something new, really?", well, we will see!.

 photo SAM_8368_zpsv7kmod0l.jpg

The routing:*

Service Etihad Airways EY 876 operated by A6-EHL

Scheduled:   22.20  //  12.05
Actual:  02.35  //  16.00

Original we are, with Etihad Airways since 23.09.2009

There are no special stories visible

But the stats:
Leg no. 1378 at all and no. 5 on the Airbus A340-600

The recently visited airports are here with something new, a warm welcome to No. 341 and ICN:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Time it is to leave the "Abu Dhabi International Airport
مطار أبوظبي الدولي" again. Arrival was in the early morning hours, spend a hot day in the city and the lounge and now it is finally time, ok, after a four hour delay and an aircraft change from the well needed Airbus 340-500 to the still acceptable Airbus 340-600 to go.
To go for something new the "Incheon International Airport
Incheon Gukje Gonghang".
Sure, with a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_8360_zpsz1fs2zow.jpg

 photo SAM_8361_zps9kkrwyma.jpg

 photo SAM_8362_zpsssw8qwvs.jpg

 photo SAM_8363_zpse945djp5.jpg

 photo SAM_8365_zpsqdbxsnvs.jpg

 photo SAM_8366_zpsu5kajm5g.jpg

 photo SAM_8369_zpsuap4uapi.jpg

 photo SAM_8370_zpsg0jpniu3.jpg

 photo SAM_8371_zpsv3braos9.jpg

 photo SAM_8372_zpsinpqrmfr.jpg

 photo SAM_8373_zpsvrv3yv6x.jpg

 photo SAM_8374_zps57w5skcb.jpg

 photo SAM_8375_zps1phf9cn1.jpg

 photo SAM_8376_zpsa3azrac1.jpg

 photo SAM_8377_zpsxe07xlqv.jpg

 photo SAM_8378_zps0hcfhzpw.jpg

 photo SAM_8379_zpsr3zvduwy.jpg

 photo SAM_8380_zpsx2qaqjf7.jpg

 photo SAM_8381_zpsnz0zrwfm.jpg

 photo SAM_8382_zpsrt8vnjkq.jpg

 photo SAM_8383_zpstul4hdtl.jpg

 photo SAM_8384_zpsuw6z4k9i.jpg

 photo SAM_8385_zpsnvzlqjbl.jpg

 photo SAM_8386_zpsy4veziky.jpg

 photo SAM_8387_zpsjdp9cfip.jpg

 photo SAM_8388_zpsufzvct3p.jpg

 photo SAM_8389_zpsse4ehfbf.jpg

 photo SAM_8390_zpszihc33kz.jpg

 photo SAM_8391_zpsz4se4low.jpg

 photo SAM_8392_zpsntela6yg.jpg

 photo SAM_8393_zpspjdohkj9.jpg

More to come.
Annyeong jigeum-eun. The Tripreporter

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