Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Swiss it is for the swift way


"Swiss it is for the swift way", well, let´s go!.

 photo SAM_8317_zpsw6uext2t.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1169 operated by Swiss Global Airlines HB-IYR

Scheduled:   15.00  //  15.45
Actual:  15.15  //  15.50

We see the first flight for this machine at 23.03.2001 with Cityflyer Express, later on for British Airways CitiExpress, Swiss European Airlines and Swiss Global Airlines

Here are two special stories:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1376 at all and no. 31 on the Avro RJ100

What about the visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Flughafen Stuttgart –
Manfred Rommel Flughafen" we go,
for the swift, hopefully, ride to the
"Flughafen Zürich".
Sure, a couple of pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_8312_zpswaqzyylv.jpg

 photo SAM_8313_zpsgiebaf5r.jpg

 photo SAM_8315_zpslhnk8tc1.jpg

 photo SAM_8319_zpsteesqcuy.jpg

 photo SAM_8320_zpsddygpek0.jpg

 photo SAM_8321_zpsr0kwuace.jpg

 photo SAM_8322_zpsarqojns5.jpg

 photo SAM_8323_zps1l2mdkvx.jpg

 photo SAM_8324_zpsqafiovwn.jpg

More to come.
Bis dann. The Tripreporter

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